How do I choose the right Toilet?

Throughout your life, you will be flushing your toilet typicallyabout 1,40,000 times. Also, your toilet accounts for about 30% of your water usage. So, replacing a faulty old toilet with a new environmental friendly toilet can benefit both your objective and the environment. If you think that a toilet is a standard fixture that doesn’t require much attention, you might be wrong. There are thousands of options when it comes to selecting a toilet for your bathroom. Most people are only familiar with the normal gravity toilets with a tank on its back. But there’s a lot more to consider when choosing a toilet.

Measure your rough-in:

Always first things first! Know the distance between the middle of the toilet’s flange bolts to the bathroom wall. The average rough-ins usually measure 12 inches. However, 10 and 14-inch models also exist. It is easier to pick a toilet with the same rough-in while planning bathroom renovations Northern Beaches.

Toilet fit:

Extended toilet bowls are generally comfortable for most people. Seems like a simple choice, right? Not so fast! If you have a limited budget or a small bathroom, you should prefer a round toilet bowl. Round toilet bowls would save about three inches of space.On the other hand, it costs less when compared to the elongated bowls.

15 inches is the standard height for toilets. However, taller people might find taller toilets more comfortable. Choosing 17 or 19-inch toilets will be a better choice for both taller people and for people who have mobility issues. You should feel comfortable using the toilet for the next ten years, so make sure you pick the perfect fit while choosing toilets during bathroom renovations Castle Hill.

Toilet style:

Remember, the standard toilet with a tank that is on top of the bowl is not the only style optionavailable. You can either choose a one piece toilet that looks sleek and easier to clean or, how about a wall-mounted toilet? These can add an elegant look to the bathroom and are even easier to clean. If you are not sure of deciding the right toilet style, get ideas from professionals in bathroom renovations Northern Beaches to make a better decision.


Choose to take some inspiration from the Europeans. Consider installing a bidet instead of a standard toilet. These are perfect for people who have issues with mobility and it also helps with resale value. You can also add a bidet feature to theregular toilets too.


While looking for a new toilet in the market, select the one that uses less water to reduce your carbon footprint. Low flush toilets have come a long way in the past decades. Using gravity or power-assisted flush, these toilets will handle what they are meant to, using less water. It is worth considering this option.

While looking for bathroom renovations Hills District before you buy the toilet for your bathroom, compare independent test results of the toilet’s flushing performance against different models. Be sure to purchase a high-efficiency model.