Breaking down the components of a walk-in cooler

A walk-in cooler is composed of a mélange of parts, which is integral to the functioning of the machine.

Compressor:  A compressor plays the role of adding pressure to the refrigerating unit. The unit absorbs heat, cools the air, lets it evaporate while dispersing the gas into the compressor. A compressor is imperative to the design of a cooler. In case of malfunction, you don’t have to depend on a technician. It’s relatively easy to detect a glitch in the compressor. Just be on the lookout for any drastic drop in the temperature that hinders the system from cooling. This could possibly indicatean issue like relay trip.

Condenser: A condenser works to eliminate heat from the unit, thus enabling the retention of cool temperature that is vital for food storage. The heat is expelled through the vents, via fans that aid in moving the hot air. Malfunction can be sensed by keeping an eye out for high discharge temperature. This might suggest that the fans are impaired, or dust collected in the condenser coils. A QRC (Quality Regulatory Compliance) technician will be able to resolve the problem before it further deteriorates.

Evaporator: All coolers have this feature;its function is to freeze moisture in the air, thereby creating a barrier to prevent the transfer of heat. As and when the ice is accumulated on the coils of the evaporator, a defrost cycle ensures the melting of ice, which is then flushed out through a drainage system. A common hassle inthis component is the buildup of ice.

Other essential components: A thermometer is mounted inside to keep a constant track of the temperature. A control panel that allows you to set a fixed temperature, or change it as per your convenience. An insulated door that assists in trapping cold air in and hot air out, and finally, wiring that works like a battery in allowing the unit to function without electricity.

Especially in a commercial enterprise, it is of the essence that you check these components every now and then to guarantee that everything is running properly, like making sure that the drainage system is functioning smoothly or the fan in the vent is clean. In the case of breakdown, reputed companies like Frigoman offer a wide range of services, like repairing motors, pumps, and compressors, from a competent team of technicians.