Unique JetBlue Travel Tips You Didn’t Know About

Before embarking on a journey of a lifetime, it is advisable to take note of all the significant tips and tricks coming from those who already have the first-hand experience and have been to that certain destinations. Reading reviews online will also help. Planning can be overwhelming especially if you’re a first-time traveler, but don’t worry, we’re here to help you sort things out. Also, as you kick-off to your most-awaited trip, you can make use of JetBlue Flight Tracker to find out various things about your flight and even be notified real-time if there are any changes associated with it. But before anything else, we’ve listed here unique tips that can change that way to travel.

Don’t ditch travel guidebooks, you can read it from cover to cover

If you were to compare guidebooks over blogs, it’s indeed better in several ways. Reading travel guidebooks from cover to cover allows a travel enthusiast to get the history and cultural aspect that will help them appreciate what is waiting for them to experience and discover namely festivals, destinations, attractions, and even significant events.

Before flying, be sure to learn at least one unusual phrase

Studying various common local phrases before leaving your hometown is a waste of time since you’ll be able to learn those immediately when you get there like how to say please, hello, and thank you. If you desire to study the local language before leaving, it is advisable to learn something out of the ordinary. In that way, you’ll be able to make new friends and open new doors to various one of a kind travel experiences and stories.

Be mindful of the right exchange rates and don’t exchange currency upon arrival at the airport

The best rates and value for money often found out in towns. But first, you should take note of the market exchange rate before leaving. In that way, you can compare the rates at the airport just in case and you’ll see the difference.

Don’t forget to bring with you your travel insurance contact information

If ever you get hurt or been in an accident, the first thing you should do is to call your insurance provider. If you not, there’s a higher probability that they won’t approve the hospital or treatment you’ve chosen and much worst, won’t fully cover you.

Head over to McDonald’s or Starbucks

It’s still your choice if you want to order or not. But be sure to get an insight into their local culture and even cuisine through comparing their offerings to the ones you have back home. Also, the said establishments have clean public restrooms and even provide free Wi-Fi access.

For best travel advice, you can ask some locals and ex-pats

People working in the hospitality industry are good sources of information namely those chefs, hoteliers, and even Uber drivers. They know their cities so well and you can get new travel tips from them. Another source of local travel tips is ex-pats. They are also knowledgeable about the must-visit places and probably used to show their family and friends around those solid lists of spots to check out and experience.