It is a new program ran by the government to ensure the safety of citizens. This step is taken to ensure that the buildings are strong enough to bear any earthquake. It reminds us of the 1994 earthquake that occurred in Los Angeles. The earthquake took many lives. The program categorizes buildings based on their strength. If the program consultants find that your building is weak, you have to make it better; otherwise, you have to demolish it. If you fail to do any of the two, you will be fined heavily, and that is the worst case that you don’t want to see. The purpose of Los Angeles soft story program is to ensure safety.

What is a soft story building?

A building that has more than three stories and has an open space like garage or ground around is termed as a soft story building. This building lacks proper support, and there are more chances that these building will be affected by the earthquake. The rule is simple. The closer you are to the ground, the more stable you are because you have lowered your centre of gravity. Owners of these soft story buildings have to take several steps to ensure safety.

What steps are required to be taken by a soft story building owner?

  • If you think you have a soft story building, book a consultation and find out what you can do to ensure safety.
  • Decide whether you want to rebuild your building or you want to demolish it. Have proper consultation on your decision.
  • Get your permits approved. It takes about 38 days to get the papers ready for the work.
  • Try to do the task in the given time. Government has a strict policy over this plan, and if you miss taking measures, there are chances that you will be inflicted by a severe fine.