Truest Options for the best Student Accommodation

Most students seek housing from private owners at the start of the academic year. Here are the different types of leases that you can offer them depending on whether your home is furnished or not. You can click here to know the best information about the same.

Rent a furnished apartment

If your home contains sufficient furniture, you can rent it furnished. To find out if this is the case, you will find the list of essential furniture in our article: What furniture for a furnished rental?

9 months furnished student lease

The student lease is an alternative to the classic furnished lease. This lease can only be offered to furnish dwellings, intended for shorter rentals. It is for a nine-month non-renewable term.

As a landlord, you are guaranteed to get your home back after nine months without having to give leave to the tenant, and therefore without having to provide reasons as is the case for conventional rentals. For its part, the tenant knows that he must in any case release the accommodation after nine months without having to send you a letter of leave. It also has the option to leave during the lease, at any time, respecting a month notice. At the end of the 9 months, if the student wants to remain a tenant of your home and you agree, you can offer him to sign a new lease of 9 months, and so on several times, if necessary.

Opting for the nine-month lease may allow the owner to rent the housing during the summer seasonally since generally the 9 months correspond to the academic year. However, this is only possible if you take the steps to rent a seasonal, because in addition to the declaration to be made in town hall, more and more municipalities now require to have obtained prior authorization.

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The furnished lease of one year renewable

You can also offer the classic furnished lease which is concluded for a period of one year, renewable then by tacit renewal. Once at the anniversary date, the lease is renewed for another year, and so on until both the lessor and the tenant give notice.

The duration of this contract is at least one year. If it is not possible for you to provide a shorter term for this type of lease, you can however provide for a longer period: by signing a lease of two or three years for example. But again, only the owner is strongly committed to maintaining the rental during this period, because the tenant always retains the possibility to give leave at any time with a notice of one month.