How To Choose The Perfect Executive Office Furniture For Your Office?

Executive office furniture is meant for cabins of upper management employees in a corporate office. This type of furniture is also required in waiting rooms of senior management. When choosing the right furniture pieces, it is important that they reflect the image of the executive. Aesthetics, comfort, and convenience also need to be effectively addressed.

The desk and chairs are the two key elements in this setting. It is recommended to consider the following factors when making the right choice.

Executive Office Desk

Consider the following points when choosing the right executive desk for your upper management staff:

Work Characteristics

Consider how the executive works. 

  • Do they handle all their work alone or have a team working for them?
  • Consider the level of privacy they will need
  • Do they often have meetings at their desk?

Desk Shapes

Once you understand the working style and needs of each one of your top executives, consider the desk shape each one may require.

  • Rectangular desks are perfect for providing more space and privacy
  • L-shaped executive desks are more suited when the executive works along with a team
  • U-shaped or P-shaped desks are more suited if it is required to facilitate communication

Office Layout

It is also important to consider the space, size, and configuration of the office when choosing the executive office desk. If it is a small office, avoid wide and large office desks. There should be enough space left after the furniture is set, if the executive works along with a team.

Choose irregular shaped desks if there is limited interior space or difficult corners. For example, L-shaped executive desk can wrap around corners, providing more work space. It is recommended to visit here to check the different shapes of desks and their benefits.

Ergonomics & Convenience

The executive desk should provide enough clearance for the user’s legs. Ideally, the desk should have at least 3.5 feet of space behind it. There should also be enough gap between the desk and other furniture piece in the office.

  • Computer keyboard fixtures should be designed ergonomically
  • The equipment and materials on the desk should be within easy reach

Desk Surface

You should also consider the choice of material for the desk surface. The two common options are follows:

  • Wood & Veneer: Executive office desks made of wood and veneer are often more appealing than other options. You should expect to spend more on them. They are most commonly used for making these types of high-end desks. Veneer is a thin layer of wood stuck on top of a base.
  • Laminate: This is a more durable alternative to wood and veneer surface. You can choose from a wider range of colour and patterns. Desks with thick and high-pressure laminate surfaces can last much longer.

Executive Office Chairs

Fine wood and leather are commonly used for making executive office chairs. The chairs have to strictly adhere to ergonomic standards to ensure that the executives remain comfortable even when seated for long hours. Choose sophisticated chairs that allow your executives to make adjustments based on their body type and office conditions. 

The ideal chairs offer excellent comfort due to their ergonomic design. They should feature adjustments controls for arm rests, seat height, and lumbar area support. They should feature padded seats for optimal comfort. You should be able to find chairs based on the executive’s body type, whether they are short stature, tall, or big

Important Factors

You should consider the following key factors when choosing the perfect executive chairs for your office:

  • Material: Choose a material that addresses the unique needs
  • Adjustable Controls: Make sure that the chair had adjustable controls or tilt tension and seat height
  • Base: Consider the type of base required. Leather wrapped and wood are the common options.
  • Weight Capacity: Each executive chair has a maximum weight capacity. Make sure to keep the specific executives in mind when choosing the chairs for them.

So when choosing executive office furniture for your office, make sure to consider the above-mentioned points. The choice of different furniture pieces should blend together and with the existing theme of the office. They should also address both functional and aesthetic aspects. You should also take the personal preferences of your executives in consideration when making the right choice.