Why You Should Use a Screening Service To Verify a Job Applicant’s Background

Hiring a new employee means finding a candidate who meets the job requirements, fits the company culture and will grow into a valuable asset. You also want to find someone who won’t be a liability risk down the road. A 2017 study from CareerBuilder.com found that 75% of human resource managers have seen a lie on a résumé.

While it’s harder to catch someone overstating how well they know a software program just from reading their résumé, you can use a background verification service to find other information about a job applicant. These companies have the experience and resources to gather the information you need to make hiring decisions. When working with a third-party verification company, ask them to focus on the following areas.


It can be tempting for job applicants to misrepresent their education. Some people think claiming to have a degree from a prestigious school is a sure way to get a job. According to the OfficeTeam survey, a third of people know someone who has lied about their education when job hunting. An education verification services company can call the school and corroborate applicants’ graduation dates, fields of study and degrees earned.

Previous employment

According to a survey from OfficeTeam, the employment information most people lie about is work experience and employment dates. Some applicants will embellish job titles or duties to look better on their résumé. Verification services will contact previous employers to check dates, titles and other information that will help you make a hiring decision.


Talking to people who’ve worked with your applicant before will give you details beyond the résumé. You’ll get a better picture of their working style, personality and qualifications. But, calling and talking to references can be time-consuming. A background verification service has the resources to check references quickly and efficiently.

Other Qualifications

A verification services company can check on an applicant’s professional licenses and certifications, including any disciplinary actions. If the position you’re hiring for requires a security clearance, you can also ask the verification company to find out of the applicant is on a watch list or has a criminal history. Some screening services will also perform drug tests and physical exams.

Using an employee verification company not only saves you time and money, but it allows you to stay focused on your day-to-day tasks. And you can feel comfortable knowing you’ve hired the best candidate.