Ultimate Guide for Getting Best Car Insurance in Singapore

Car insurance, also commonly named vehicle insurance, motor insurance, or auto insurance. Insurance means security from financial loss. It is a threat- management and can be used in case of any uncertain loss of motor vehicles like cars, trucks, bikes, or any geared or non-geared vehicles. It has the sole purpose to provide economic security for the vehicle in case of physical destruction or bodily damage due to some road accidents and also in case of accountability that may arise from these accidents. Apart from the bodily destruction from the accidents the insurance also provides security from the robbery of the vehicle, vandalism, or causing damage on purpose or natural disasters. The rules of the insurance changes with places.

Guidelines for Claiming A Car Insurance in Singapore

It is necessary for a person to get car insurance Singapore to run the car on the road, whether or not it is liked by the public or not, due to obvious reasons. The place is prone to road accidents even in the mild rainy day. Whether the person gets insurance from any company, they should know what to do during car accidents and also make sure that they have claimed for his insurance successfully.

A sensible driver needs to know how to get away by earning his car insurance policy NCD (no claim discount) every year.

In Singapore, claiming car insurance might put the person’s NCD into danger. So, keeping this in mind people can take two scenarios into considerations like:

Scenario 1: Meeting with an Accident with the Other Driver

If a person has met with an accident with another driver, they can call their insurance company and claim compensation if he is the victim of the insurance company. There should be a calm discussion between the victim and the other person.

Now, if a person is the cause of the accident and involves his insurance company into the discussion, it might affect his NCD.

Nonetheless, if there is an accident, there are proper pathways a person can follow:

  • The claim should be reported within 24 hours of the accident
  • Discussion about the claim should not take much time. People should avoid exchanging numbers and invest days in the discussion.
  • The person should report the insurers about the accident within 24 hours’ time limit without any delay since the claim needs time to get processed.
  • Photos of The Accident Scene

Photographs of the accident scenes are highly important. Clicking pictures at different angles and making sure of having a complete scenario of the accident is captured. Photographers should be in three different ways like:

  • Tight- zooming in the spots of the damaged parts both the victims and the other party.
  • Medium- zooming out a bit so that both the cars are visible.
  • Wide- completely zooming out to note the area where the accident has a place, should also include the cars.

Also, taking pictures of the number plate of the car is also very important.

  • Driver’s Contact Details

It is imperative to take down the details of the driver, like:

  • Name of the driver
  • Driver’s identity card numbers
  • Address of the driver
  • Insurance company the driver is involved with
  • Contact numbers
  • Moving the Car If Required

The car should not be moved from the sight of the accident if the person does so there might be a problem in claiming the insurance. Unless for the safety reasons, move the car but after informing the insurer.

  • Getting the Car Fixed at An Authorised Shop or Garage

Getting the car fixed at an unauthorised shop or garage may cause some damage to the car. This might lead to a problem arising in the claim of the insurance. If it is an authorised one, first complete the paperwork and then get your car fixed.

Scenario 2: Meeting with an Accident on Your Own

This happens due to a distraction while driving, speaking over the phone, and not paying attention to the roads.

  • Making Sure If the Insurance Claim is Needed

The person before calling the insurance company like HL Assurance Singapore should figure out that it would be worth it or not. If they have no claim discount is huge then there is no use of claiming for the insurance as later on, he will have to pay large premiums.


Car insurance helps people by saving them from financial loss. It is needed in times of accidents where there is bodily damage to the car or robbery of the car or vandalism. A person should be very alert of certain ground rules about the car insurance, that is, the accident or any incident regarding the car has to be reported within 24 hours of the incident, good quality and quantity of photos should be clicked and also of the number plate, driver’s proper details should be taken and the car should be fixed in the authorised shop. You should claim for the insurance money a person needs to calculate his no claim discount value, which helps to figure out whether it is worth it or not. Nevertheless, car insurance is extremely important before it is on the road.