What is Equipment Financing and Why is it Important?

The quality and efficiency of an equipment matters the most when it comes to the success of any business. Whether you’re in the agriculture industry, medical and health sector, or any other kind of construction or commercial business, the functionality and quality of an equipment will matter the most.

An equipment can range from a small printer to anything as big as a medical MRI machine or even an entire construction plant. Clearly, if it malfunctions or stops, the entire operational flow comes to a halt. Which is why its maintenance, repair, restructuring, and timely replacement is necessary.

But, each of these requirements are expensive. Small and mid-size businesses will always require funds when it comes to this. Now, you might be eyeing an entire new sector of opportunities or wanting to expand in your own sector. Whatever the case, there is always new technology with better equipment pieces that can increase your sales. And when it comes to that, Accord Financial equipment financing is the service that you should seek. It’s because of the following reasons.

  1. They Understand the Value of Time

Time is money and the experts at Accord understand it. Which is why they also release emergency funds for the following cases.

  • If your equipment pieces fail suddenly.
  • If you require immediate servicing due to recurring malfunctions that are affecting the manufacturing speed and quality.
  • If you’ve earned a new time-based project that has to be started immediately but the sets of equipment needed for the task are either new or different from what you currently have.
  1. They are Expert Decision Makers

Experts at Accord Financial understand that things in a business can take a turn for good as well as bad almost immediately. And when they do, you need impromptu and reliable decision makers.

The reason behind such a service is the broad spectrum of equipment financing services and solutions – listed below – that they offer.

  • Heavy Equipment Financing
  • Construction Equipment Financing
  • Industrial Equipment Financing
  • Commercial Equipment Financing
  • Agricultural Equipment Financing
  • Medical Equipment Financing
  1. They Offer Flexibility

Accord Financial offers monetary facilities that even traditional banks don’t. The best examples of their services and assistance are listed below.

  • They offer additional funding on top of your bank’s approved amount if the loan by the bank isn’t covering for the entire cost of equipment you’ve or are planning to purchase.
  • They offer financial assistance for near-prime credit profiles that banks won’t approve.
  • They offer financial assistance on their own. In other words, they do not include third party investors in between. So, it’s their money that’s directly put in your business. It means they go all in to make sure that your business thrives and excels since it’s the only way that they can make a profit.

So, whatever your requirements, as long as they are for the repair, restructuring, replacement, or purchase of new equipment pieces, it’s Accord Financial that you should approach.