Effective SEO Strategies And Ideas For Small Businesses

Growing small businesses in the current state of the world is a gamble but there are many tools businesses owners have at their fingertips that weren’t available ten years ago. With the economic boom of e-commerce, social media, and internet shopping, starting a business means having both a web presence and a physical if it’s wanted or needed.

Many businesses now remain strictly online and operate remotely keeping the operation small and secure. Creating an online presence is a must regardless of having a physical store. Generating leads online is harder than it looks but there are some strategies that can help small businesses looking to expand their online presence.

Search engine optimizations (SEO) is one of the biggest weapons in a company’s arsenal to operate successfully in the digital age. Nearly everyone uses Google or a similar type of search engine to look for a product or service. It’s replaced the yellow pages but when a good or service is typed in all companies that offer that specific thing pop up.

Up to 75% of people do not look past the first page of Google searches which means your company needs to be in the top four or five to have the most potential of being looked at. This is where using SEO can come into play and as of right now less than 30% of companies are using this to their advantage. The top SEO agencies Kansas city optimize a few of the strategies listed below.

Key Words

In order to get the specific item people need to use specific language in order to generate correct google results that hone in on what they want. If not google generates any and everything that has the single word put in the search bar. SEO helps target and collect data on the words people use when searching for a good or service.

Using this data to fill your posts, videos, and website with the key target words will direct the search engine to your company’s page. When a search result has a phrase word for word it will appear in the top three results.

These key words can be in tags on an Instagram post, included in a URL link to the website, image alt texts when uploading pictures, and meta descriptions which explains a good or service to customers.

Search Results

Search results are based on location too. Producing greater results in your area can be optimized by using Google My Business. This service will improve local ranking by giving customers the opportunity to leave comments and star ratings on the Google business page.

It’s as simple as verifying the business location and completing information requested by Google. Similar businesses in the area will pop up when their specific keywords are searched for along with a map of how to get there from their current location, operating hours, and star ratings. This is an important tool that top SEO agencies Kansas city will use to help grow a client’s business.

Mobile Operations

A vast majority of the worldwide population use their phones to shop and browse the internet. Smart phones are much easier to get than laptops and computers. Viewing a website on a laptop or desktop is different from viewing it on a smartphone.

Developing a mobile website ensures no matter the device potential customers will be able to find what they’re looking for without having to navigate a complicated website only meant for desktop users. Having an app is another way to go for even easier mobile access.