What is an Uncontested Divorce – Find the Details!

When two parties involved in a divorce are in agreement regarding the parenting plan, business agreements, property division, child support, and all the other related matters, it is called an uncontested divorce.

This type of divorce has the added advantage that it is easier and cheaper. 

Why Uncontested Divorce?

An uncontested divorce is the most popular form of divorce these days. It is because of its cheap and easy procedures. 

This type of divorce makes use of the concept that when two people come to a mutual agreement on matters of their own will, the court grants a divorce. Even if the couple can not seem to gather common grounds, they can make use of a professional mediator who will help them. 

Once a total agreement has been made on all the different aspects of divorce, an expert lawyer like Alabama Uncontested Divorce Lawyers will file the case in court.

A filing fee will incur in the court, depending on your county. This fee has to be paid before opening the case. After the fee is paid to the court, the documentation and other related works begin.

What is the Procedure of Uncontested Divorce?

Going by the easiest way, first team-up with experienced divorce lawyers like Alabama Uncontested Divorce Lawyers. Under their expert guidance, start the agreement documentation. The various aspects of the agreement should have been discussed before (between you and your partner) though. 

If mutual agreement is reached well and good. If not, use a mediator to reach common grounds. After that, pay the filing fee for registering the case in court. Documentation for agreement and other legal procedures will be carried out thereafter.

Once the documentation is done, your attorney will file for a divorce. The application is online and does not need your physical presence in the court. 

If the documentation is straightforward and not confusing, a hearing is not even taken. The judge can issue divorce easily. The whole process is fast and cheap.

How much does it cost?

If your choice of a lawyer is an expert like Alabama Uncontested Divorce Lawyer, then your divorce can be as cheap as:-

  1. $390 if no minor children are involved.
  2. $490 with minor children.

This is the most budget-friendly price. The above-mentioned prices are basic and can vary if any non-conformity in the agreement is found. 

For the best outcome to your divorce petition, go for an uncontested divorce that is cheap, easy, and fast.