Guide to Concept Stores in Singapore and Their Relevance

Ever gone to a store that sells branded items ranging from pretty jewellery to gadgets and accessories? Unless you’re at a department store or variety section of a shop, chances are you’ve been to a concept store in Singapore .Concept stores are a relatively new type of store that was conceived to add a little spice to in-person shopping.

What exactly is a concept store, and why is it relevant?

In today’s day and age, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone in modern society who hasn’t at least tried their hand at online shopping. It’s fast, easy, and so convenient that you don’t even need to leave the safety of your own home to place an order. And best of all, you can find a wide variety of items at your disposal. With just a tap of your finger or click of a mouse, you can order food, clothes, office supplies, books and toys, and even large items like furniture. You’re also much more likely to find the item you’re looking for online.

Of course, this poses a major problem for many businesses that rely on sales in their physical locations. Aside from bypassing shipping fees, what advantages can brick and mortar shops have? Recent events of the past year or so have only exacerbated this problem, resulting in the closure of many shops.

But despite the rise of online shopping, brick and mortar stores still have a chance to compete against it. While online retailers might have the upper hand when it comes to convenience, there are still some considerable upsides to in-person purchases such as being able to assess and test out products before purchasing, interactive experiences, and knowing about the brand or item more intimately.

Concept stores are stores that reimagine the physical experience. They revolve around a single idea (or concepts) that are put together to create a unique and interesting shopper experience. Concept stores often mix a seemingly random assortment of items that cater well to a specific target audience. For example, you could shop for items such as bag accessories, air purifiers to wall chargers and a card holder wallet for men at stores like Lamch& Co.

Exploring the bounds of concept stores

As long as the store revolves around a certain concept, or caters to a specific lifestyle, then it can be called a concept store. There is no restriction on the amount and type of item you can buy at a concept store. The possibilities that concept stores can explore regarding their products are nearly limitless.

But because of this vague definition, it can be hard to define what a concept store actually is and what products they should sell to their target market. Selling a range of products that is too broad may turn off customers who get easily overwhelmed with choices or are looking for a specific niche product. Those who want more high-end products may think to look in a more specialised store. How do you know if selling computer glasses in Singapore is the right decision or not? Why would anyone go into a store that sells, for example, furniture to find accessories for their tablet? How do concept stores compete with competitors that focus on specific products?

What concept stores offer are three Cs: curation, customisation, and consumer care and experience. Concept stores are set apart from other general-type shops like department stores or grocery chains because they focus on tailoring their store around their ideal or target customer. For example, a concept store whose target market are avid readers, writers, or artists may offer a selection of books, stationery, tablet accessories, and other interesting items. They may even offer services such as the personalisation of their own products.

Some, like Lamch& Co., are concept stores that bring together top brands from different industries like health and wellness, eyewear, clothing, and much more to offer a curated shopping session that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Each concept store provides a unique experience thanks to the unique blend of products and brands that they offer. It’s much more than just a place where you can find goods like a luxury watch or an AirPods Pro Case in Singapore. It’s a place where you can find a range of products that can cater to your entire lifestyle.

Are concept stores the future of offline retail?


Is it? There’s a very real chance that concept stores can slowly gain popularity, or it could be just a passing trend. For now, it can very much be the former. While it’s a new concept, people are starting to realise that businesses have to work extra hard to be competitive in an era where buying and selling online has become the norm. To beat the convenience of online shopping, one has to offer a totally unique and interesting perspective to shopping in stores.

Fortunately, concept stores have proven to be so successful that they’re even branching out into digital mediums and recreating the unique experience of finding and discovering innovative products or little-known yet high-quality brands. Even bigger brands like Dyson are now exploring the idea of concept stores and putting their own spin on it. Concept stores might just be a fairly new type of store that was just introduced, but it may just be the future of retail.

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