Uni-TEE: How Company Printed T-Shirts Affect Your Company’s Image

If you look around, you will see countless people wearing t-shirts of different brands. T-shirts are one of the clothing pieces that each individual must have. It is a basic necessity that can be worn for lounging in, going out, running errands, or anything under the sun. That one piece of clothing can be styled and used in so many ways. One of which is through company printed t shirts.

Did you know that getting corporate shirt printing is highly essential for your image? Wearing company printed t shirts can help expose your company or brand to the public. One good example of this is a Nike t-shirt. With that one check, everyone across the globe knows their brand already. If you need more convincing why you must contact a corporate t shirt printing in Singapore, read further.


Whether small or big, nowadays, managing a business is challenging considering the numerous competitors worldwide. One of the best and proven ways to establish your name among people is through company printed t shirts. It does not only promote unity but also professionalism in the field of your business. Contact a t shirt printing company in Singapore as the following are the importance of company printed t shirts.


Having company printed t shirtspromotes a sense of belonging and commonness to the company. The employees would feel more united through the same shirt. They can even use it as a uniform in the office from Mondays to Thursdays and have Fridays as washday. That way, they will no longer have difficulties thinking about what to wear for the rest of the week. Should anyone from the team wish to wear their own outfit, they will still feel a sense of belonging.

Another factor when wearing company printed t shirts is the feeling of equality. Everyone in the team would feel the same importance and level. No one gets left behind, which is possibly one of the most valuable factors affecting an employee. Getting company printed t shirts boost the high spirits and positive outlook of the employees towards working with each other. A satisfied employee equals high efficiency and productivity!


One of the importances of contacting a corporate t shirt printing in Singaporeis it can help establish a sense of professionalism. Realistically speaking, company printed t shirts affect your company and its image. For instance, when the employees are not wearing uniforms, other competitors would be left thinking that your company is not united and put together. These issues commonly occur when your company is too powerful, so they try to make an issue to beat you.

When getting a corporate shirt printing, you must ensure that the t-shirt has a professional feel and look. Some companies place the logo and the company name in front of the t-shirt and leave the back with no other design. You may opt for a collared shirt and add your logo in front. If you wish to put something on the back part of the shirt, you may consider adding a small logo on the upper centre part of the shirt, below the collar.



Every year, there are thousands of startups. It is the main reason why the competition between companies takes place. To catch the attention of the mass and set your edge over other competitors, you may get in touch with corporate shirt printing. Having custom or company printed t shirtscan help with promoting your brand. Place your logo and other information about your brand on your shirts. One shirt can generate brand awareness, reach a wider audience, increase sales, and draw the attention of your target audience. Company printed t shirts are the most convenient and effective ways to communicate your branding to people.

During business seminars or other promotional conferences, company printed t shirts can also advertise your brand. Established companies invest in corporate t shirt printing in Singapore as company shirts serve as a walking advertisement. When a person sees a well-designed shirt, the first thing they do is look for the logo and branding. Then, they look at the front and back of the shirt. The same applies to company printed t shirts.You may consult a graphic designer from the t shirt printing company in Singaporeyou hired.


Did you know that you can also use your company printed t shirts as freebies? Instead of giving calendars, writing gifts, and others, give out promotional bags. Inside the loot bag, include one t-shirt, a care kit, and other technological devices. This way, your customers would feel more valuable and increase their loyalty to your brand. You may give a loot bag as freebies on minimum purchases on your newly-released product.


The wearing of company printed t shirts is a huge responsibility to your employees. Through the shirts, they can feel more accountable for the treatment and service they provide to their clients. Since they are aware that they represent the brand, they are more likely to act professional and maintain decorum, especially at business events. Company printed t shirts can make or break your company’s customer service. It will all depend on how your employees represent your brand.


Corporate t shirt printing companies in Singapore are in demand as they provide quality service at the most affordable rate. Company printed t shirts are one of the most efficient and convenient ways to promote branding. Another perk of contacting printing companies is they have graphic designers. You can trust them on how they will design your shirt. You just need to provide them with your logo.


Over the past few years, companies, established or not, have utilised corporate t shirt printing in Singaporeto make their brand more well-known. Company printed t shirts can form a strong image and company culture in your industry or field of business. It is one good way to enhance the bond between you and your employees. Also, you and your staff can use your company printed t shirts during team building!

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