How We Can Use Flowers for Ourselves and Our Loved Ones

Think of the most traditional gifts presented to loved ones like friends or family. What gifts do you give during the most important and sentimental of events? Maybe you’ve given a thoughtfully written card, or perhaps you’ve picked out nice chocolates or food as a welcome present for guests. But by far one of the most enduring and symbolic gifts is flowers. If you’ve ever thought about sending a flower delivery in Singapore, you’ll know why they’re so special.

People have cultivated flowers for tens of thousands of years. Why have we continued to do this despite a majority of flowers not having any apparent use for them? It’s because humans have always had a weakness for beauty. Colourful flowers are attractive to our eye, come in many stunning varieties, and smell wonderful. We have cultivated flowers alongside other plants for centuries because flowers are so pretty. When we give them to other people, we usually do so as a gesture of goodwill.

Over many centuries, many flowers have taken on different meanings. For example, red roses symbolise passion and romance while white carnations can symbolise innocence and pure love. If you look for a birthday flower delivery in Singapore you might get entirely different flowers than “get well soon” flowers. A lot of flower arrangements revolve around creating a design your recipient will appreciate.

What occasions can you use flowers for?

You might already have an inkling of some of the ways that flowers are used. But did you know that you can use flowers in more ways (and on more occasions) than you realise? We see flowers everywhere, and we even use them for medicinal or culinary purposes. Here are a few examples of where and how to use your beloved flowers.

1) You can send condolences. When a relative passes, it can be a painful and traumatic experience. Whether you are part of the family, a close friend, or an acquaintance, sending flowers is highly appreciated. Did you know that funeral flowers can come in many different forms? You can send a bouquet or condolence flower stand that conveys your heartfelt thoughts and wishes for the bereaved family.

2) You can use flowers to welcome or congratulate businesses on new milestones. Do you know a close friend or a trusted business partner who plans to start a new business? Maybe you know someone who’s embarking on their first business venture. It’s considered good luck to send ‘grand opening’ flowers to a store or shop opening for the very first time. You might see these flowers decorating newly opened stores at any shopping centre or establishment.

3) You can decorate your homes with flowers. Does your home look dull and need a pop of colour? If you don’t have a green thumb but still like to be close to nature, you can consider using flowers to decorate your homes and other spaces. Flowers can make any room look more beautiful and give a sterile space a little life. Get a flower delivery subscription for a fresh selection of flowers for your space every day. Or you can decorate your homes using dried flowers for longer-lasting decorations.

4) You can accessorise your outfits using flower products. No, flowers aren’t just great for decorating spaces! You can bring a little slice of life with you with various flower products for your outfits. You can use fresh or natural flowers to spruce up your outfits! Many people like to wear flower petals and heads as pretty brooches. Some weave flowers into bracelets and necklaces. You can use flowers for headpieces and other accessories.

5) Your business can hire companies to utilise flowers to create memorable displays. Are you planning to create a grand display for business purposes? You can’t go wrong with adding a few flowers to your display. Many exhibits around the world use flowers to create a beautiful floral display that can attract the eye of many people. With their bright and bold colours, flowers are a great choice for almost every type of display you can think of.

6) You can use flowers to send wishes to someone far away. You don’t need a special occasion to send someone some flowers. If you miss someone dear and they’re far away from you, many flower shops offer flower delivery services in Singapore and abroad. You don’t even need to leave the country to get your flowers delivered. Many shops have their own websites for you to send them to the address remotely.

7) You can spread the scents and smells of flowers in your rooms and spaces. Flowers are an all-around experience. They are not only beautiful to look at but pleasing to smell too. When we buy our favourite flowers, we don’t just look at them, we also like the pleasant and distinct smells they give off. Flowers are used for freshening the air.

Whatever reason you have for buying fresh flowers, always remember to prevent wilting. If you get fresh flowers you won’t have much time with them. It’s a known fact that flowers don’t last long. After buying fresh flowers from the flower shop, you might want to preserve your blooms for as long as possible. Flowers can wilt as soon as a flower delivery company delivers them.

Start by changing the water in the vase at least every 3 days and ensure that your water is kept clear and free of bacteria. Cut the leaves on the bottom part of your flower stems. Bacterial infections can make blooms wilt faster. With minimal care, your flowers will stay fresher for longer, whether you’re the giver or receiver!

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