The Best Tips When Working On Condo Interior Design  

When someone talks about interior design for homes, what’s the first thing that comes into your mind? The first things that probably pop into your head are images and descriptions of fancy mansions or beautiful houses. But as you already know, not everyone prefers or has the means to live in such a huge space. This is apparent in many cities like Singapore, where living space is limited, and the prices of owning or renting space to live in are sky-high.

More and more people moving into urban areas have no choice but to move into smaller living spaces such as condominiums and apartments. If you’re one of the many thousands of people living in the city centre of Singapore, the chances are that you’re living in one as well.

But just because you’re living in a smaller space doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dreams of having a beautiful living space. No matter how compact your space is, there’s always a chance for you to live comfortably in a dream home that you will enjoy. Interior design services in Singapore aren’t just a privilege reserved for the rich homeowners who can afford large spaces; you can have your homes remodelled no matter what their size is.

An introduction to renovating small spaces

For many people, their first home after moving out is a condominium, apartment, or another similar unit of a small home. It will take a lot of imagination for it to look like a luxury home, but one can manage it if they put in some work before, during, and after the process of renovation.

The preparation process

Preparing for your interior design project is just as important as the actual project itself.  For example, you need to finalise details such as what kind of style you want for your living space, what the actual budget you have for the project is, and how long you want the whole process to take. All of these will impact the outcome of your project.

The hiring process

Once you’ve narrowed down these important points, then you can start working on finding an interior design company in Singaporethat best fits your needs. Remember, something as big as remodelling or renovating your home is a task best left for professionals. It is highly inadvisable for homeowners to just choose an interior design firm just because they provide the cheapest or most affordable services. Cutting corners may mean sacrificing quality in favour of cheaper services. At the same time, manage your expectations when it comes to the quotations that interior design companies provide for you. For example, using more expensive materials is bound to make the project more expensive.

Always do your research before choosing an interior design company to work with. Ideally, they should be a company that is familiar with the ins and outs of residential interior design in Singapore and condo design in particular.

What are the best ways that you can design your condo or other living space?

Have a small space that you need to remodel or decorate? Each homeowner will have different preferences, but there are certain general tips that you can follow to ensure that your home will look its best. Here are some tips for the best condo design that you will surely appreciate.


1) Try to use multipurpose furniture to save space. In condominium units and other places with limited rooms, furniture will be the number one thing that takes up the most space in your rooms. That’s why you have to pick and choose your furniture wisely. The smartest way to save space is to buy furniture that can double as many other furnishings in a pinch. Why not the study table that can double as a drawer or storage unit, or sofa that can be turned into a bed in a pinch?

2) Define and zone rooms, but don’t close them off. There’s a reason why most condo interior design plans in Singapore are open-spaced. It’s because dividing the rooms with walls and dividers will make the rooms look much smaller than they really are. But not defining your spaces can make your home look disorganised. Why not go for glass dividers or clearly mark spaces with separate furniture?

3) Add splashes of green or accessories to your home. Think these are just space wasters? Think again! No one wants a living space that looks dry, dreary, or utilitarian. Adding houseplants or colourful accessories to your space is a quick way to make any house feel like a home. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, there are some easy to keep houseplants that are perfect for beginner gardeners.

4) Don’t skimp on storage units. Cluttered homes will feel extremely cramped the longer you go without cleaning them. Start the habit of cleaning up your space by looking for great storage units that you can use for your belongings. There are wardrobes for clothes that can also double as a neat shelf for your books and other items. There are even some that are built into desks. If you’re the bookish kind, you can also look into adding bookshelves to your condo. Did you know there are wall-mounted and mini bookshelves that you can use for items other than books? Having bookshelves filled with other collectables can help give your space a more personal look.

5) Talk to your interior designer. Last but not least, the best way you can have a condo interior design that you would love is to have open communication with your interior designer. If you have any ideas of how you want your home to look, you should make it clear to your interior designer so they can work with it.

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