Idaho car accident 101: Questions for hiring an attorney

You were injured in a car accident in Idaho. If someone is injured, your first step should be about calling 911. The state laws are clear about reporting auto accidents. When an accident or crash has resulted in injury, death, or property damage worth $1,500 or more, involved drivers are required to report the accident. If you called the police and an investigating officer arrived at the scene, you don’t need to file a report separately. Once the dust settles and you feel better, consider hiring an Idaho car accident attorney. Below are the top questions you must ask before you select a lawyer for the case. 

  • How often do you work on accident claims and lawsuits? Personal injury lawyers often work on diverse cases, including dog bites, premise liability cases, and medical malpractice lawsuits. Auto accidents are different in many ways, and it is best to find a lawyer who handles such claims and lawsuits regularly in their practice. You can also ask for references and check some of their top settlements. 
  • Who will work on my case? Multiple lawyers often work for the same law firm. The attorney, who has evaluated your case in the initial stages, may not personally work on the claim. Ask if the lawyer plans to assign the case to an associate or partner, and if they do, you should be able to contact your lawyer as and when needed. 
  • What is your evaluation of my accident claim? If you had a share in fault, your eventual settlement would be lower. Your fault percentage will determine what you get in a settlement, and if you are more than 50% at fault, you cannot claim anything (Idaho follows the modified comparative fault rule). Talk to an attorney in-depth to know what you can expect from the case to make an informed decision.
  • What are the probable expenses of the case? An attorney may have to spend money to investigate the case and gather evidence. You may also have to pay court costs. Ask the attorney about these expenses and if you need to pay immediately. Many personal injury lawyers will advance the expenses until the client is paid. 
  • How much do I need to pay you? Most accident attorneys in Idaho charge a contingency fee, which means they don’t get paid if the client doesn’t win. The fee of a lawyer may vary but ranges from 25% to 40%. 

Find a lawyer soon after your auto accident!