Keeping Your Data Safe in the Cloud

Cybercrime has reached a whopping 6 trillion dollar industry, according to the Federal Trade Commission. Large and small businesses are equally at risk from ransomware, malware and spyware attacks. These attacks will continue to rise as more companies convert to a computer economy.

Fortunately, businesses that specialize in cloud technology can help protect you from these attacks. Keeping your data safe is easy with a few simple steps.

Read Your Security Warnings

Government agencies and cloud computing companies release regular security warnings. Although you may be tempted to ignore these, don’t do it. The notifications help protect you.

Use Encrypted Data

Encrypting your data keeps it hidden from prying eyes. It also makes it significantly harder for those who would use that information for profit to access it. Choose a cloud provider who allows you to encrypt all or part of your data to keep it safe.

Update Your Passwords

Yes, it is a pain to remember passwords, but updating your passwords frequently can significantly increase your security.

Keep Personal Information Private

Encrypt or store personal information securely. This includes employee records, client records and any other private data. You can store them offline use encryption or locking software on the cloud.

Know What You Have Stored

Make sure you know what you are storing on the cloud. This can help you identify security risks before they are a threat. Keep a regular inventory of what is on the cloud and what is necessary to keep it safe.

Make Security Your Priority

Remember, cloud and internet security is ultimately your responsibility. Only you can keep your data as safe as possible. Learn the security measures your computer and your cloud agency offer and take advantage of them.

These security measures are not just for working with the cloud. They are practical for home use as well. You can use them anytime you are using computers.