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The fact that the CRM, by feeding information and knowledge together commercial staff, can improve the overall effectiveness of the policy. Commercial, is not the only source of performance. Critical thinking could even note that providing abundant material to help a better response to the customer can have adverse effects: on the one hand, the overabundance of information can cause paralysis, but especially generate anarchistic behavior on the part actors and a weakening of the overall strategy. Empowerment and the enrichment of tasks have the virtues of motivation and creativity, but are also a factor of dispersion of activities. The free crm app is now here with the best deals here.

Autonomous Options

Everyone feeling autonomous, each pursues its own strategy, and the whole can present contradictions. We imagine that better control is necessary in a corollary way. This idea of ​​control needs to be addressed here in terms of organizational control: how the organization can influence the behavior of its members to act in the desired direction? From this point of view, we can consider the CRM as a control instrument. By creating tables, an activity of reporting, by comparing actions and results, the CRM becomes an instrument of monitoring, and allows the articulation of new control systems. One of the clearest consequences appears in the form of a control shift based behavior, towards a results-oriented control.  The use of the best crm systems come useful here.

  • The example of the sectors edifying: while sellers (delegates) are generally paid in a fixed way because their results are not known (there is no good order), the introduction of CRM systems allows to bring closer to the base data seller activity, to the performance of the brand at a level geographical end. It then becomes possible to consider (on a technical level) performance-related compensation. The introduction of a CRM system would lead thus a necessary redesign of sanction and control. We hold here our third hypothesis.
  • The last hypothesis is obvious and can be deduced from the previous ones: to the extent where the CRM system can on the one hand lead to a transformation of control, on the other hand increase learning ability, it is important that this double evolution is convergent. The inadequacy of the new learning process and the new control environment could ruin the primary gains achieved byte savings on transactions realized by the CRM tool (automation), the gains obtained by a better learning ability and those obtained by a better orientation of commercial work. 

The Right Assumptions

All of these assumptions constitute a framework for work summarized in the following figure.The framework of analysis that we have just outlined has the essential purpose foot structure a questioning, to guide the observation, to raise the critical points. This opens an interesting way of thinking about the relationship between processes learning and control system 26. Some systems inhibit learning (blocking system) others stimulates him encourages it. The first channel action in defined directions, the second forces actors to define directions. You can go through the crm applications comparison and get the best deals here.

We thus open in this contribution many questions, but we are convinced that the proposed interpretative scheme will prove fruitful, its advantage immediate task is to classify the main problems and assumptions relating to the success of the implementation of these systems.