CIO Focus Areas During COVID19 Outbreak

With the coronavirus spreading globally, economic symptoms too started emerging out. Almost every second global firms were on a path to miss hitting their financial goals for the upcoming quarters. The supply chain underwent complete disruptions and so did the customer demand fall. They were proactively looking out for ways to make the targets meet and then did raise the demand for CIOs. They were summoned to expand the access to high-priority tech categories of digital workspace categories and digital technologies.

Resource Expansion

With most of the workforce working from home under this increased infection state, CIOs were taking a few important steps by staying productive and meeting organizational goals.

  • Inventory work cases- The CIOs were assigned to understand the typical workflow of remote work and identify the systems that can improvise the productivity of workers working from home. These range in aiding the in-house communication platforms including emails, messaging, CRMs, and the ERPs. They were meant to smoothen the communication between the customers and the business partners and use that information to analyze cases and document the needs of other users.
  • Security Needs- The existing security infrastructure was something that the CIOs were meant to examine. They were also needed to find out what people would be requiring to work under safer circumstances. This included checking the availability and security while using hardware or open networks while transacting company information.
  • Policies & training- The companies had to expand their workforce while the majority was sticking to their remote working methods. In such cases, the policies needed to be updated and be made clear. IT systems were to be updated. The on-boarding should train the recruits on ground rules and data protection means. They must also be made aware of how to safely transfer company data and documents and the CIOs undertake these.

They were also meant to leverage technology under their control to proliferate the business and cater to customer demands. These included:

  • Expanding the business’s capacity for providing self-service means to its customers and open the avenues for increased digital sales.
  • Enable the entire experience of remote working to be conducted seamlessly with providing a dollop of personal touch to it.
  • Keep the ways open for the businesses to adapt to technological trends and make sure the company is compatible with the current demand.

Eficio CIO à la demande make sure to handle all of the above aspects and beyond it to make a company thrive even in times of need.