What are the best ways to buy lab-grown diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds have become a perfect choice for those looking for sustainable and environment friendly option. However, natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds have similar chemical and physical properties and therefore both have a similar appearance. This is where the customers get confused as to how to determine a lab grown diamond. In this article, you’ll find the best ways to purchase a ring or other ethically grown diamond jewelry.

  • Do your research– When you buy lab created diamond rings Australia, the first thing that you need to do is perform a research on the internet. Nowadays, you’ll find several online stores that allow you to buy diamonds online. However, some companies use fake information and sell simulants in the name of lab grown diamonds. Now the question is how will you know that you are purchasing real diamond? Remember that manmade diamonds will have a grading on them which will help in identifying. Also, the price should be at least 30 to 40% less than mined diamonds. So if you are buying a lab grown diamond at a very absurd price, it is most likely that it is not a lab made diamond.
  • Know the 4C’s– Be it natural diamonds or lab-grown, one should know the 4C’s because it affects the cost as well as it helps you determine the diamond quality. The 4Cs stands for- Cut Clarity, Color, and Carat weight. Besides knowing the 4Cs, you should also know that every grade is different for every piece of diamond. If you have a budget constraint, opt for lower clarity grade!
  • Check the grading- Do not forget to check the grading when buying artificial diamonds. If the diamond doesn’t have a grading certification from a reputed lab, NEVER buy it.
  • Price- You should keep in mind that the price of lab grown diamonds is much affordable than its natural counterparts and this is due to obvious reasons that natural diamonds are obtained by mining. Always check the price tag before buying synthetic diamonds because it should never be more than the natural diamonds.
  • Ring style- Another important to thing to look out for is your partner’s preference. You can check out with her friends or family regarding the style she prefers. If you are purchasing artificial diamonds from online stores, do not forget to check out their return policies. There can be size or style issues and you should be able to exchange them in a hassle free manner.
  • Opt for colored stones- If your new bride is someone who is an ardent lover of bright colors, the best option is to choose colored stones. Lab grown diamonds are available in multiple color options like blue, yellow, pink to be specific. Hence, you get to choose something beyond white. Lab created colored diamonds is available at a fraction of the cost which makes them a superior choice.

Lab made diamonds is an affordable choice which not only will impress your bride but also allow you to stay within your budget plan.