5 social media tools to help organise your content

It is important in the digital age for businesses to establish a strong social media presence. With so many social media sites to manage though, it can be overwhelming. The key is to not to improvise, rather establishing a social media content strategy which lays out what content will be posted and when, ensures your posts are on brand and on schedule.

The Digital experts at Adoni Media have listed the top five social media scheduling tools.

A Tool To Count Characters

Each social media platform has their own word count or character limit. For example Twitter only allows a maximum of 280 characters while Instagram allows a maximum of 2,200 characters. While drafting the content you want to post on your social media assets and accounts you will find a Character Counter very beneficial as it will help you quickly determine the current number of characters you have already written. This makes things easier and faster.


Many claim Hootsuite to be the biggest and oldest social media scheduling tool. The platform is comprehensive allowing your business to monitor multiple accounts and bulk-schedule social media posts. Additionally, it supports social media advertising and has a training platform that assists businesses not only with managing the platform but learning more about social media marketing.


This is the cheapest scheduling tool on our list, but also probably the most basic. They have a ‘freemium’ model so you can have a go at social media scheduling and decide if it is the best route for you. It suggests the most suitable times to post to reach the widest audience and allows you to customise messages for each social network.

Sprout Social

This provides a variety of features such as scheduling, monitoring and analytics. It lacks auto-post and instead queues posts. Its point of difference are its agency features, which includes things like  post-approval. This way, everyone can contribute to the social media strategy and the marketing manager just needs to sign it off.


This site is an official partner of Instagram, making it the perfect choice for brands heavily invested in their visual presence. It gives users tips on the best hashtags to use and the best time to post, as well as analytics and search and repost of user-generated content.


This platform is comprehensive, supporting Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google Analytics and more all in one place. It has an Auto Post feature as well as the ability to recycle content. It also has a ‘Social Inbox’ which allows managers to look at interactions including comments, likes, shares and new followers.