4 Best Anime Apps That You Can Stream for Free

Japan is known for many things, and one of them is being a leader for providing animated shows, which is very entertaining to many people. Many people are into anime, regardless of their age number because anime is fun to watch, and there are so many characters to love. You can also choose to view different anime genres like sports, adventure, fantasy, superheroes, sci-fi, and more.

If you have no idea where to watch your favorite anime shows, you are in the right place. This guide will help you pick the best anime apps that will suit your preference. So here are the best anime apps that you can stream for free.


First on the list for the best free anime streaming  is Kissanime. With this app, you can search and stream for anime genres like comedy, science fiction, horror, romance, and many more. The interface of Kissanime is sleek, which gives you access to every collection that this app has to offer. Regardless of the user’s preference, dubbed versions, or English-subbed, they are all here.

Regarding its video quality, there won’t be any problem because most of Kissanime’s shows are available in 4k, 1080p, 720p, and 240p. All of Kissanime’s series episodes are also updated promptly, making it an advantage to the users.

If you want to stream using your mobile device, the app for Kissanime is now accessible on Android. However, Google Play doesn’t support this app; that’s why you have to install Kissanime manually from its website. After you install the app, you can stream your favorite anime directly on your Android devices. Save the series that you want to watch, and enjoy your mobile viewing.


Another great way to watch your favorite anime online is via VRV Anime. This app is a reliable streaming platform with an extensive collection of anime shows, combing many streaming services for anime to a single archive for the users to have easy access. Users can watch movies and shows from VRV Select, Teeth, Rooster, NickSplat, MONDO, HIDIVE, Cartoon Hangover, Boomerang, and Crunchyroll. This streaming service also works like HBO because users can bundle their subscriptions with some channels to widen their access to a lot of anime shows.

With that, you can stream some childhood classics like Powerful Girls, Samurai Jack, Ed, Edd n Eddy, and Dexter’s Laboratory. VRV can also offer ad-free content from the basic to 1080p to its users. With a vast collection, you can scan through its multiple free contents, which they regularly update. If you want to remove all of the ads while streaming, you need to upgrade to its premium plan. Upgrading will also grant the user access to other exclusive content from different channels.


If your preference is to watch your favorite anime without signing up on some random sites, Youtube is the best platform for that. Being the most popular and most significant video sharing site that you can access on the internet, Youtube can offer thousands or millions of videos with different genres. With this platform’s help, users can watch any classic and popular anime series like Soul Eater, Hellsing, Death Note, Beyblade, Zoids, Hajime No Ippo, and more.

If bumping into those random ads won’t be a problem for you, using Youtube without spending a dime is possible. However, if you find those ads annoying, you can always subscribe to its Premium plan, which will cost you $12 a month. If you want to save the anime videos that you want to watch offline, find “Add to Offline” under those videos. Then, choose the video resolution that you want and tap, OK. Users can find their saved videos under the Account option.


There is a big chance that you already know this app if you are an anime enthusiast. Crunchyroll is the leading platform for streaming anime shows in the United States, and it has the biggest anime collection with more than 50 million subscribers all over the world. Aside from anime, users can also access other content such as manga titles and Asian dramas.

If this site is new for anyone, the app for Crunchyroll is downloadable, and there will be a free trial for 14 days. With that, people can experience the premium plan for a short time, like HD streaming with no ads and having access to every Crunchyroll’s content. To add to that, users can stream fresh episodes of their favorite anime series one hour after Japan released those episodes. Furthermore, Crunchyroll can give you update for some upcoming anime shows, animators, and voiceover artists.


With this guide’s help, you can now watch your favorite anime show with ease and no hassle. The apps listed are free, and anyone can access them even in their mobile devices. Besides free access, some apps allow users to upgrade to a premium plan or subscription so that they can stream with no ads and enjoy unlimited content.