Why Store Counters Today Need Plexiglass Shields?

Acrylic sneeze guards, also called Plexiglass shields are protective barriers essential in the current COVID-19 pandemic. They are a solution for businesses that want to keep their workplace safe from the spread of the virus. They work by ensuring germs don’t get passed from person to person through coughing and sneezing. 

As businesses are looking to resume operations, they need to have safety precautions and guidelines in place including the installation of Displetech comptoir magasin barriers. Although a lot of companies will still operate with a “work from home” policy, other sectors face challenges in keeping up with the new normal. For essential businesses include grocery stores, countertop acrylic sneeze guards offer a necessary barrier between employees and customers to prevent the spread of the fatal disease. 

Why PlexiGlass Barriers are Important

These barriers were originally used in the foodservice industry to prevent liquid spills and food contamination as well as offer customers a germ-free dining experience. But, more and more industries are using these barriers to prevent the spread of germs in places that have high face-to-face interactions. Barriers that have slots can be placed as counter shields or cashier shields to enable cashier transactions and exchange of money and merchandise. 

These days, with the increased spread of COVID-19, sneeze guards are necessary to slow down the transmission of the disease and maintain compliance with social distancing requirements. Whether they are used in shopping centers, banks, and convenience stores, they are ideal for any high-traffic areas or point-of-sale countertops. 

How they Work?

Check stand guards are available and can be quickly and easily mounted with Velcro, double-sided tape, or other adhesives. They are available in standard and customized sizes with discounts for bulk orders. Clear Pixeglass shields serve as a physical barrier and help maintain social distance. They are designed to be mounted using screws or Velcro into a store checkout lane, customer service center, or POS register. It is important to use Velcro or screws appropriate for one’s installation needs. These barriers are made from durable acrylic material and cover a huge area, offering solid protection between customers and employees. 

Nobody knows what the new normal will look like once the current pandemic lockdown ends. But, the adjustments made during the lockdown may be permanent to guarantee everyone’s prolonged safety. Practices such as regular handwashing, using sneezing shields, and wearing face masks are quite efficient in keeping people healthy and safe and must be adopted.