Here Are The Things That You Should You Keep In Mind While Selecting A Pallet Transfer System 

Pallets and handling them well form the heart of your supply chain. This makes it extremely important for us to understand the importance of pallets along with the types of pallets. There are many factors, which you should consider while deciding on the ideal pallet for you. This is understandably a difficult decision.

It is a difficult task to determine the perfect pallet for you and this makes it very important that you devise a plan to shortlist the right pallet which will retain the quality of your goods for a long time. While you are buying a pallet inverter then you should opt for Top Industries. It is a business based in Davie, Florida.

They have experience in dealing in the business and market of pallets for over four decades. They have a large variety of pallet systems in their arsenal. They have more than 50 inverters which are categorized into different types. They are divided by weight, need and size. TopIndustries Inc customizes inline pallet changing systems according to the client’s needs, applications, and performance requirements.

Their technology is made in Italy and the curtains system allows the operator to change more than 100 pallets per hour making pallet-changing operations faster than ever. Depending on the workflow, types of products and goods, available space in a warehouse and many other elements, they will be able to recommend the right pallet changer or inverter.

Factors to consider while ordering the pallet transfer system

There are many factors, which must be kept in mind before you jump to the conclusion of buying a pallet inverter. Since your pallet inverter will be used in the business for a long time thus you must make this investment only after giving sufficient time to analyze all the different nuances and all the possibilities are looked at from different angles.

1- Mobile vs stationary pallet inverters – both the mobile and stationary pallet transfer systems serve different purposes according to different work needs. The mobile units make use of the electric drive system. This is the reason why they are easily able to move from one location to another. This is ideal for those businesses where the space is scanty.

Since the pallet inverter is movable, you will not have to keep a dedicated space for the pallet exchanger. Instead, you can move it as per your needs and desires. If you have a lot of space in your area, then you can go for the stationary unit as it can be fixated in a centralized area and then can be accessed easily.

2- Automatic or manual- when we talk about the stationary pallet transfer units, then they offer us multiple variants of automation like you get to choose between the simple push-button control. The manual option requires each step and activity of the machine to be governed by the push of buttons on the control panel by the operator.


You also have an option of buying a fully automatic pallet inverter depending on your need. The basic premises is that you must make the choice as per your needs. Buying pallet inverters is the best when you buy them from Top Industries. You can get in touch with them on Twitter for more info.