Why You Should Stay Off Social Media After an Accident

If you have sustained injuries because of another person’s negligence and you want to seek compensation, you must know what you should and should not do to avoid hurting your case. Colorado Personal Injury Attorneys will tell you some of the things that could harm your case including social media. When it comes to payouts and settlements, insurance companies will always try to give the least payouts or completely deny settlements by proving their client is not responsible for your injuries. Read to know how social media can weaken your personal injury claim:

Social Media Posts

Whatever post you made about the accident on social media could be used against you. For instance, if you post photos of the accident with some descriptions and say everyone is okay, the other party can use this post against you as proof that the accident did not cause injuries. Another situation is when you post photos of yourself somewhere a few days after the accident. The other party’s attorney may argue that you are well enough to be in that place and that your accident did not affect your life at all. 

Your Social Media Activity Level

As you try to recuperate after the accident, you might want to catch up on social media. Because you were not aware how your innocent posts will be used against you, you end up posting old photos of you with your family on a vacation spot or photos with your friends during a night out. Although you can clarify the timeline of these photos in court, it could still delay our case and cause unnecessary stress. 

If you want to avoid these pitfalls, consider staying off social media after an accident until you reach a claim settlement and get a payment. If you need to make interactions with your friends and family online, keep them private.