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The Whole cask Whisky company was launched to meet the growing needs of premium single malt scotch. The idea was formulated by launching a company, and this was done by Alexander Johnson, who is also the founding investor and strategic consultant. Russell Spratley is the director and Ross Archer is the head of operations and the company was created to make cask whiskey accessible and enjoyable. 

The company targets whiskeys aged in barrels made from French oak that have previously heald French wines like Burgundy and Bordeaux. The firm happens to be very successful and offers ex-white burgundy casks priced at  £5,597 (US$6,900) and Limousin oak casks for £7,197 (US$8,900). 

Moreover, the company says proudly that it will be able to guide their customers from sourcing new make spirit though cask selection and storage. 

A non-executive director at Whiskey Cask Company, David Harvey says that they commit before aging the whiskey is to put in all our ingredients and then storing into special French oaks, along with a high-quality control process, which is important from where we are starting.

The Whiskey Cask company also plans to partner with a Scotch Whiskey distillery in the coming months, before they actually begin to execute their long term vision of constructing their own distillery in Campbell town. 

Archer once said that with global interest in single malt Scotch whiskey and the continuous growth, particularly in the Asian market, they can say confidently about the superior quality of their product. He also assures to look forward to an exciting future for the Whiskey Cask company.

The cask strength is the highest proof for a whiskey as they contribute the most towards the aging process of the whiskey. Them using used barrels to age whiskey is very innovative and is surely going to snatch a lot of attention from people. For such fine whiskeys, people prefer to add the right amount of water to modify the taste of the whiskey. 

We hope you too are eager to taste this executive variety of whiskey for the amazing new flavour experience.