When to Hire an HOA Management Company

Smaller communities may be able to get by when their board members run their HOAs. However, as development grows into a bigger community, the workload can significantly increase. Mid-sized to big communities will require the attention of a full-time HOA staff. At this point, it might be best to start considering hiring phoenix hoa management companies. So when exactly should you hire their services?

Have a Third-Party to Manage your HOA Finances

Reputable HOA management companies help with collecting overdue assessments from residents, which is something that can be tough for board members to do, given that they personally know the residents. Both parties can be sure that a third-party company won’t have a conflict of interest. 

Maintain a High Level of Community Appeal

A lot of communities boast a high level of visual harmony and aesthetic appeal that their developments have been able to maintain. But, behind the flawless landscaping and beautiful architecture is the tremendous work that goes into maintaining the community. Usually, this requires hiring vendors who specialize in some kinds of maintenance services. But, a reputable HOA management company has a large network of contacts. They can connect your community with dependable vendors that provide high-quality maintenance services. Having this high level of maintenance service can translate to lower repair and replacement costs.

Have Access to Legal Expertise

The majority of board members may not have a sufficient background in terms of legal issues that can possibly impact the association. By hiring an HOA management company, your association has access to a legal opinion that can be used by your board as a guide when making important decisions. A professional HOA manager may be familiar with laws and court decisions that can impact development. They will have access to legal resources and professional contacts they can refer to.