What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics for Professionals

There are several new features and enhancements in Microsoft Dynamics. The developments make it easier for you to provide exceptional customer service. Microsoft is always looking for ways to offer help improve the user experience. It also seeks to make its software more accessible, robust, and reliable. With every release of Microsoft Dynamics, enhancements provide new ways for you to deliver an excellent customer service experience. Below are some enhancements in Microsoft Dynamics to help professionals improve customer engagement.

The New Service Desk Interface

The application has added a new service desk interface for easy service requests, order status notifications, and customer-service tickets. The feature lets you create different types of queues. You can use the queues to manage customer service tasks in response to incoming requests from your external customers. Individuals also track outstanding orders at the service desk. They follow those orders by calling in and using the ticketing system to track their progress. Customers can make updates or changes on orders they have created without calling you directly.

Better Reach and Message Tracking

Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement is a feature that helps you better track your customer interactions. According to experts, such as people who seek opportunities like Microsoft Dynamics jobs at MCA Connect, the feature improves customer engagement. Beginning with this release, you can use Dynamics 365 to create custom, interactive workflows that visually represent tasks, actions, and results. You can also use it to design an assortment of email notifications. The notifications may inform customers about the delivery date of their products or services. They also provide updates when they are running late on future deliveries. You can use this new feature to create custom sales or service processes or leverage it to develop an entirely new solution on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

 Lead Scoring with Predictive Analytics

Dynamics 365 for customer engagement includes predictive analytics. The analysis lets you measure the quality of your leads based on the information provided. When using this feature, you can score leads based on various factors. These factors are such as their location and even their interests. Suppose a customer signs up for an email list or downloads an app. In that case, they are given a specific score that indicates how interested they are in getting more information about your business or services. You can set up several scores that are then used to determine your marketing efforts. The scores help improve your opportunities with customers interested in your products or services.

 New Customer List Builder

The new Microsoft Dynamics 365 for customer engagement list builder lets you create custom lists without becoming a developer. The new built-in list builder enables customers to submit an email address or phone number and instantly get a customer list that you can use for marketing. There is a new customers tab in the customer address book in this release. The tab allows customers who are registered users to easily search the contact information from the web or a mobile device so that you can contact them in seconds.

Overall, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for customer engagement is a very comprehensive system. The system provides your business with renewed tools and enhanced capabilities. In addition to the new features described above, it also comes with improved reporting and dashboarding capabilities and many other benefits. The developments above will make it easy to upgrade your organization and start improving the customer service experience in your business.