What Is the Role of NAP in SEO and How to Get It Right?

If you are not new to digital marketing, you must have come across the term NAP, which is the acronym for Name, Address, and Phone number. These are the fundamental elements that help a customer locate your business. If you are running a business, the NAP of your business is the basic information, which you would like on your visiting card.

After the ushering of the internet era, everything has become digital. The business directories to have followed the suit. Today, all the best businesses are registered in some of the other online business directories. Bleen is one of the best business directories in Australia. You can find any business ranging from an adult sex shop to plumbers on Bleen.

They offer a large number of filters by which you can sort the most desirable business in your vicinity. Bleen also allows you to reach out to the business directly or request a quote from multiple service providers all at once.

What is NAP and What’s NAP Consistency?

As mentioned earlier, NAP is the Name, Address, and Phone number of your business. If your NAP varies on different platforms, it might cause confusion in the search engine and the minds of customers as well. All the third-party platforms must have your NAP in alignment to avoid any sort of confusion.

If you want to step up your game, it is also advisable that you also incorporate your webpage’s URL in the NAP and thus make it NAPU. These things must be accurately mentioned across the internet. This is advised because whenever search engines encounter inconsistency in the business information, it fails to locate you accurately.

This leads to distrust in your listing and thus, the search engine will simply stop displaying your entry. Naturally, this causes a huge dent in the reach of your business and on your customer base as well.

Tips for getting the most precise NAP:

1- Double/ triple check the paperwork- you are required to do some preliminary paperwork while registering your business. You must keep copies of those paperwork and cross-check the details that you have entered.

2- Check your website- The website of your business is like your digital visiting card. People would judge your business’s proficiency on the basis of your website. A consistent and well-formatted webpage attracts customers’ attention. Additionally, you must ensure that the NAP is mentioned in the header and footers of your webpage. It is a useful strategy for small businesses like florists and beautician services.

3- Step into the Google my business game- Google is the search engine monolith today. You cannot be running a business without availing of the services of Google. You must make a Google my business account and ensure that all the details which have been entered are the same as those which you had entered while registering the business.

4- Update all the business directories and listings- Registering the business for some reputed online business directory is always a great idea. Precise NAP is the most important information on an online directory. If you have shifted your office, added a manufacturing unit, changed numbers, etc. All this information must be updated.


What is NAP and Why is it Important for SEO and Local Search | fishbat

Another great option for increasing the reach of your business is to incorporate the practice of backlinking. In backlinking, you add the links of some pages which are relevant to your page and attract huge traffic. You can also hire local company if you are new to this practice. There are multiple service providers in the field.


NAP is the DNA of your business. If your NAP across the internet is scrambled, your business will not be prioritized by the search engine. This will have a debilitating impact on your growth.