Top 5 Portable Evaporative Air Coolers To Buy


How about cooling your home and reducing your energy bills whole at it? Yes, you can do both; portable evaporative air coolers offer you that chance. If you want to buy, here are the top 5 that we recommend:

Portacool Cyclone Series

  1. Cyclone 160: This evaporative cooler is the latest in the Portacool cyclone series. Designed to beat previous efficiency, each unit of this model has the latest Kuul Comfort™ evaporative media design, which is designed for Portacool. This increases the cooling effect significantly.

The Cyclone 160 delivers 8,000 CFM per hour at a velocity of 15 mph. The electric rating sits at 115V, meaning it is energy-efficient. It comes with a standard 40-gallon tank, so you don’t have to perform refills now and then. A comfortable 76 kg weight makes it among the best portable evaporative air coolers today.

  1. The Cyclone 130: An older model of the Cyclone series, the 130 is a versatile and efficient swamp cooler. It weighs 39 kg and delivers a steady 3,000 CFM per hour air rate. The 130 is also equipped with Kuul Comfort™ evaporative media and a 16-gallon water tank. It is suitable for outdoor use such as patio and large lounges. The fan is powerful and moves air around fast. Each unit comes with replacement cooling pads and standard Portacool covers.

Portacool Jetstream series

  1. The Jetstream 270: Portacool’s Jetstream series offers some of the most powerful portable evaporative air coolers in the market today. The 270 is the latest Jetstream series. It has a rating of 22,500 CFM per hour and the Standard 115v – 20-amp plug. The water tank capacity is 65 gallons, and with a 126 kg weight resting on strong rollers, the 270 Jetstream can be transported with ease. It is suitable for use in large working spaces and business offices.
  2. The Jetstream 260: The predecessor of the 270 models, Portacool’s Jetstream 260 is a versatile evaporative cooler ranked among the best portable evaporative coolers in the market. It weighs 96 kg, delivers an air rate of 22,500 CFM per hour, and has a rating of 115V. Its tank capacity is 65 gallons, and a large powerful 36 inches’ fan circulates air fastly. Standing at 196 cm high, this portable cooler does not occupy much space and can be used almost anywhere.
  3. The Jetstream 250: The 250 is another portable evaporative cooler, which can deliver a maximum of 8,000 CFM per hour. It has a 55-gallon tank and is also equipped with the Kuul Comfort™.