The Importance of Stable Electricity in a Modern Nation

Without a doubt, energy is a primary necessity for progressive economic development of all countries. Currently, several, if not all, essential functions stop when electric supply is interrupted. As such, it is close to impossible to estimate the magnitude that electricity has played in present-day economic, and social development. The importance of stable electricity in a modern nation cannot be ignored,  bearing in mind that every nation is a compendium of activities whose progress is based on infrastructural works and its many industries.

Electricity is the primary source of fuel for various sectors of the economy. From household applications to hospitals and airports, below are some of the reasons why electric providers should value their importance in a growing nation.

  1. Industrial Development

The general economic development of a nation depends on her rate of industrialization. However, industries cannot operate without the presence of stable electricity. Industries require electricity to power their factories, workshops, and equipment. For instance, welding relies on electricity to maintain normal operations.

  1. Communication

It is impossible to imagine the current world without smartphones and laptops. Communication systems are probably the most direct beneficiary of electricity. The inception of electricity gave birth to electrically powered gadgets, including smartphones and computers, that have made communication simple and effective. Provided you have a mobile phone and internet access, you can communicate with another person on the other end of the continent with ease.

  1. Transportation

The importance of stable electricity in a modern nation is also significantly felt in the transportation systems. Over time, electricity has transformed the transport system in many countries. Modern trains, cars, and other locomotives are being designed to be powered by electricity, eliminating the need for gas. Electricity is preferred to gas as it is eco-friendly and lacks harmful by-products such as carbons associated with gas fuel. This is a starting step towards minimizing air pollution and the effects of global warming.

  1. Food

Like other sectors, the food industry also relies heavily on electricity. With machinery playing a big role in food production and processing, electricity is also heavily needed. Without it, popular food chains are not operational at all. Can you imagine how you would make a McDonalds’ burger from scratch without electricity?

Nations with a good electricity supply benefit from good food production and food storage. Agricultural productivity is increased as electricity helps in powering irrigation, seed preservation, and preservation of food after harvest. This ensures food stability and eliminates the associated effects of food shortages.

  1. Healthcare

The healthcare system also relies heavily on electricity. Modern diagnostic machines and surgeries, for instance, rely on electricity for their success. Overall, the presence of electricity helps in reducing the mortality rate of a nation as efficiently powered hospitals have better service delivery. Electricity is also required to run machines used in drug research and discovery.

  1. Work and play

On an individual level, you can hardly think of any form of work or professional engagement that doesn’t require electricity. From corporate jobs to construction work, white collared to blue-collared jobs; everyone needs electricity to complete their daily tasks. This explains why companies suffer high losses during electrical outages. Majority of companies in the modern world cannot operate normally without electricity.

In our personal lives, electricity is needed everywhere too. Be it storing food, doing chores, or resting in comfort, electricity is needed everywhere. From the refrigerator, microwave, toaster, dishwasher, washing machine to an electric fireplace, electricity is essential and is needed in making our lives convenient.

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Parting Thoughts

The importance of stable electricity in a modern nation is not usually mentioned,and is taken for granted that it should already be there. It is an essential asset to the economic development of all countries, and to our personal needs. In many nations, electricity is usually provided by the state, and is usually not an open market.

However, sometimes, having an open market could be beneficial to a country’s development, where it could encourage retailers to be more efficient. Such is the case in Singapore, where they have recently introduced an open market for electricity.

Electricity, being a core part of our lives and the society we live in, should not be taken for granted and needs to be delivered efficiently, and an open market could be the solution for nations to follow.