The Fusion of Italian Flavors in Barbecue Catering

New ideas are what people crave in event catering business, Italian catering barbecue is something that is growing at a very fast pace, the traditional Italian food of flavours and seasonings marries the American grilling parties. 

A Fresh Twist on Barbecue

Leading edge of the trend toward flavouring barbecues is the use of Italian seasonings to flavour barbecue. Each rubbed onto barbecue meats imparts a virtually ubiquitous umami, resulting from a sophisticated blend of flavours when combined. Chefs blend leaves of basil and oregano with minced or chopped garlic and olive oil, and rub the mix onto meats such as brisket and chicken prior to grilling, imparting their Mediterranean flavours before the meat ever hits the heat.

Tailored Menus for Every Occasion

To keep abreast of developing demand, catering companies now offer wedding receptions, corporate events and family reunions an Italian barbecue menu. At the dress-up dinner, here comes slow-cooked pork shoulder, glazed with balsamic vinegar. And at the less formal event, maybe it’s hot Italian sausages, straight off the coals.

Quality Ingredients Make the Dish

The secret to the success of Italian barbecue lies in the ingredients. Good, and preferably fresh, produce and meats are essential. Chefs talk a lot about seeking out the finest tomatoes and the best olive oil for rubs and sauces. This gives a brilliant shine to the barbecue, but more importantly emphasises the authentic flavours of Italy.

Interactive Dining Experiences

Another option for boosting interactivity and an added element of fun? Interactive food stations. A live station, for instance, can feature a chef cooking rosemary-seasoned lamb chops over an open fire, and then picking the proteins and accouterments by way of Italian-inspired accompaniments such as sun-dried tomato couscous and grilled polenta.

Adapting to Dietary Needs

 Sensitive to dietary restrictions and requirements (cf earlier editions of this here), the meals on Qirocco’s Italian barbecue always allow for vegetarian and no-gluten grilled dishes (eggplant caponata, grilled peppers and onions wrapped in rolled out foccacia; polenta with wild mushrooms etc). It is a way of keeping the eats Italian but mindful of the diet.

Sustainability in Catering

Sustainability was another important step they identified: many Italian barbecue outfits use organic, locally sourced ingredients paired with bio-compatible serving ware, which helps to reduce an event’s environmental footprint as well as support local agriculture. It’s a good combination for the planet – and the palate. 

Looking Ahead: The Future of Italian Barbecue Catering

The trend will only get bigger with the years, and caterers will see it as an opportunity to cater to a mass of consumers who will be attracted to the combination of Italian flavours with the casual, convivial spirit of barbecue. Italian barbecue is a crazy hybrid, no doubt. And yet it is also the kind of culinary invention that respects tradition while serving the taste of the present. 

Discover the Flavor Fusion

It’s exciting, isn’t it? The next event you host will probably have a ‘pig on the spit’ barbecue buffet. If you’re the one to book the catering, why not go all Italiane and order Italian barbecue catering? Culinary speaking, I mean. Strictly speaking it’s not about food. It’s a tasting, and you taste and sate yourself bite by bite, two cultures united by wood and sparks.