In early times, a ship was the only means of transportation where international trade goods such as iron, steel, aluminum, etc. were moved from one country to the other. This has changed dramatically in recent years where it is no longer only about migration, export, and import. The globalized area of business demands E-commerce activities around the world. 

The rate of risk is high in the water bodies as well. There may be cases of loot, dysfunctional carrier vessel, destruction of the machines which can affect the cargo adversely. Hence, the last decade has encountered a vast transformation in the provisions of the shipment companies.

The product may be an international parcel delivery [ค่าส่งพัสดุไปต่างประเทศ, term in Thai], which may take a long time to reach its destination, putting the assets at risk at a longer period. Therefore, entrepreneurs look for shipment companies who are providing the safest delivery options. This has resulted in the overall improvement and advancement of these shipping companies.

The perks of hiring the services of these professional firms who take part in Postage to overseas [ค่าส่งไปรษณีย์ไปต่างประเทศ, which is the term in Thai] include:

  • Insurance of the goods at higher rates to the client.
  • Packaging and binding the goods are done by the company itself.
  • The estimated date is provided beforehand to the sender.
  • Tracking order has been made permissible so that there could be no confusion.
  • The cost of transportation is valued according to the weight of the product and not by the country’s distance.
  • Terms and conditions are exclusively procured by the client.
  • Pick up and dropping delivery services are provided by the companies to decrease any blame on itself.
  • According to the substance to be transferred there is a particular type of Shipment Company like, pharmaceutical substances need a proper temperature vehicle with experienced staff. Hence, these facilities are accorded in terms of differentiated deliveries.

There exist multiple companies online and offline which facilitates transportation through waterways with exclusive and advanced offers. Globalization has acted as a fuel to the shipping companies. The technology advancements in the vessels also have led to its fastest delivery power. Mostly it takes about 6-7 days for postage to reach its destination and almost 30 days for big machinery which are heavy and bulky.

Accidents can occur anywhere and at any time. The same is the case with the water transport mechanism, especially in international parcel delivery. Ships can get damaged or any mishap can occur. Therefore, these ship companies are to take charge of insurance as well as the loss incurred. With time more provision is being offered by these service providers.