The Amazing Rise of Patrick Shin, General Contractor in Hawaii!

Although Patrick Shin is well-known as a wealthy businessman and generous benefactor in Hawaii, few people know his backstory. The path he took from unknown citizen to prominent figure in Hawaii’s public life was arduous. Originally from South Korea under the name Nan Chul Shin, he decided to adopt the name Patrick Shin upon arriving in the United States. He and his siblings and parents all lived in a small house for most of his formative years. He fulfilled a lifelong ambition by moving to New York to assist his older brother in running a successful fish business.

Patrick Shin’s fate, however, had other ideas. Bowling Green State University awarded him a soccer scholarship while he was living in New York, which he used to pay for his bachelor’s degree in business administration there. Without this, he never would have been able to pursue higher education, therefore it was a watershed moment in his life. Following this, he relocated to Hawaii and spent nearly two years working as a general laborer for a building firm. This was the first step in Patrick Nan Shin’s long and fruitful career as a builder. In 1990, he began Nan Inc as a one-man operation, and by 2010, it had grown to 500 workers. It was at this time in Hawaii’s history that the age of Nan Inc.

Nan Inc., the youngest construction company in Hawaii, is now among the largest construction firms in the state, having completed a number of multimillion-dollar projects. Patrick Shin became famous as a result of the success of several significant Nan Inc projects. Patrick Nan Shin Builder was formed as a result of Patrick’s extensive experience in a wide range of construction fields, including new building construction, restoration of historic structures, office and administrative facility design and management, warehouse and multi-family facility upkeep, and road and highway construction, civil utility construction, and anti-terrorism construction. On this day, Patrick Shin made a last break from his past.

In contrast to the norm, Patrick Shin did not take satisfaction in his job after achieving success. He became more grounded and selfless with each new achievement, and as a result, he joined and founded numerous charity organizations. It was his serious efforts, perseverance, and desire to serve the society, which made his venture Nan Inc as the largest locally owned general contractor in Hawaii.

To this day, he continues to donate to and advocate for numerous Hawaii-based hospitals, schools, food banks, healthcare organizations, cancer societies, and orphanages. This proves that he is a genuine gentleman.

Subtly and unobtrusively, Patrick Shin, owner of nan inc construction has become a leader of the impoverished and the needy as well as the building industry. Surely, he is a genuine human being, free from all vices!