Storage Solutions While You’re On The Move!

The clutter of excessive household items and furniture can take up a significant portion of space. And when it’s time for moving, we barely have the tools and people needed to move them out of your home. With that, many households and workplace companies often hire a storage rental in Singapore. After all, containers and storage are more than just kitchen and bedroom stuff for holding out other items that we bought.

Storage Solution – When You Are Moving To A New Home

If you’re planning to shift to a new residential home, moving and transporting your household items and furniture is one of the most difficult tasks you can face. No homeowners can take delight in a hassle chore that takes more than three or five people to do the job. It’s stressful and exhausting. Hence many are paying for moving services. Nonetheless, some homeowners may pay for storage space for rent. Others opt for moving companies with storage solutions.

Having 20 feet or more storage containers to load all your household items can be a relief until you are ready to shift your household goods to your new place. On the other hand, others will invest in storage units for preserving other excess items until the time has come for them to retrieve them one by one until they have cleared everything from the unit. After all, paying for storage rental is ideal for a few days of use to a long-term contract with the facility or provider.

All in all, one can get the level of convenience of having a storage solution whenever you’re moving to a new home without the hassle of having to transit all your belongings in one go!

The Right Self-Storage Units When You’re On The Move!


In other facilities that offer storage solutions in Singapore, one may find different types of storage for different types of storage needs. Of course, each variant has its own standard of size and capacity for holding items.

One such type is the container—which is the standard shipping container ideal for fitting various items and container trucks. The facility retrofits them with equipment for conducting the loading and unloading process with much greater ease. They offer excellent protection against weather and other external threats that can damage your items. One can easily find storage containers just by looking for storage space for rent.

Climate-controlled storages

Climate-controlled storage is another popular storage rental option for those who are looking for a quality self storage solution with additional amenities. Climate-controlled storage facilities have protection against external weathering factors, which makes them vital amenities alongside tenant security.

Such an option remains excellent for those storing high-end furniture, costly antiques, and other household items without concerning moisture buildup (which is a primary factor, especially during the humid summer season).

Business self-storages

Business storage is the choice that you can opt for if you’re moving in your workplace items from office or retail stores to self-storage units. Since business items and equipment often are demanded by space and capacity, business storage offers a more expansive solution exclusive for commercial use, unlike the ones for household use, which have limited space.

All valuable items for business or commercial use are safe and easier to access while maintaining the level of convenience for monitoring your business without worrying about your store inventory. Such storage space rental can operate for a 24 hours period for easier accessibility whenever you need to take out your valuable items for business use.

Locker storage

If you’re looking for affordable self storage in Singapore, locker storage is an excellent option. While plenty of self-storage is often reserved for storing large items, such as sofas and other furniture, locker storage is often small by design. Nonetheless, they provide an ideal space if you’re trying to store household items, such as small appliances, books and other collectables, without paying a cost for storing such miniature belongings.

Locker storage is roughly the size of a refrigerator or small bedroom closet, which can be ideal to rent if you happen to look for a second temporary wardrobe that you can use and switch from time to time.

So What’s The Best Storage Option For You?


If you’re looking for storage space for rent in Singapore, there’s a good chance you’re either looking for long-term or short-term use. Whether you’re transiting to another office workplace or a new home, renting storage will be a vital part of the process. Most self-storage facilities will charge you every month. While different options may provide various advantages and perks, fee rates may also differ depending on the type of storage you’re planning to rent.

Here’s what you should consider if you’re planning to invest in a self storage rental solution:

Storage space capacity

Each self storage type has a different space capacity, and it’s one of the most vital factors you should consider when outsourcing for storage solutions. Both for short-term and long-term asses, what type of item you’ll need to store to give you a general idea of how much space you are looking for in a rental unit.

Storage location

A storage rental unit should be convenient to access, location-wise. You don’t want to rent a unit far between the place you’re planning to move to and your current home or workplace. Consider taking storage that you can access right off in the middle of your moving driveway.


An ideal storage rental should be cost-efficient. Before you rent one, make sure to consider comparing the monthly rates between two or more storage facilities. You should also seek other possible promotions and discounts to reduce the cost.

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