Side Jobs That Work With a Busy Schedule For Business People

Are you looking to add just a little bit of extra income? That extra couple hundred dollars could pay for a little vacation, take care of holiday expenses or pay off some unwanted credit card debt. But what is there that fits into a busy schedule? Consider what you like to do and what you’re good at. These talents could filter into a¬†side hustle that works well for you. For example, the following are three jobs that are flexible and pay well.

  1. Tutor

School curriculum is hard. Kids are doing algebraic equations in elementary school, and writing entire essays by fourth grade. Parents of kids struggling to meet standards are often willing to pay well for a qualified tutor. Sessions could be anywhere from a half-hour to an hour once or twice a week. Since it’s often after school, these can be squeezed in after dinner time. Is an education degree necessary? It isn’t. Someone who works in the field or holds a similar degree could prove just as useful. A math major may simply see the problem differently, assisting in the understanding better.

  1. Notary Public

These specialists are available to sign paperwork, affirming that transactions are legal and official. Wills, real estate sales and medical documents require signatures at all hours. Squeeze these appointments in during lunch, after hours or on the weekend. To make it official, take classes online, file with the state and purchase notary seals.

  1. Proofreader

Companies constantly send out emails and flyers. They’re writing information, but they do not have a command of grammar. Proofreaders don’t have to create; rather, they review, edit and modify letters, pamphlets and blogs, ensuring they are accurate and clear. Online forums permit people to request freelance work. Complete what you can handle on your own time, and do it from the comfort of your home.

Possibilities are out there. Think about your strengths, and seek out something that plays into that area.