Services customers get from Express Destination

Business owners seeking help to get products to market have numerous options from which to choose. But selecting the right order fulfillment provider can be fraught with blunders and money-draining miscalculations.

As a business owner, you have to ask some very important questions before signing on with a service provider. Questions you should ask include: Is the order fulfillment company able to meet all your business requirements? Can the company accommodate your needs as your business grows? Does the company provide a scope of services that will eliminate partnering with a second or third company?

Comprehensive service list

Some companies in the supply-chain industry focus on one or two services, but Express Destination differs from those, offering a one-stop operation that allows business clients to get all their services in one place. This holistic approach is more efficient and less expensive, especially for startup ventures strapped for cash.

Express Destination makes it easy for business clients to achieve success with this comprehensive approach. The company provides order fulfillment services for e-commerce enterprises and anyone who wants to sell online.

The company, a leader in order fulfillment, meets the challenges of online shopping with speed, low prices, and accuracy. It also offers clients Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) which allows entrepreneurs to build a wider customer base. In addition, Express Destination provides logistics services, freight business services, quality control, transportation management business model.

We not only strive to achieve all those goals,” the company states on its website at “But we also assist your own company in achieving those same goals for your own customers.”

And Express Destination also offers mail and package forwarding services. Some competitors, like Borderlinx, NyBox and Shipito, focus on online shopping and package and mail forwarding services.

As part of their package delivery service, Borderlinx, NyBox and Shpito

handle the shopping for customers and can consolidate packages to reduce shipping costs.

Consulting services for businesses

Express Destination provides order fulfillment services, mail and package forwarding, quality control and logistics solutions. But business owners, especially new entrepreneurs struggling to ramp up their customer base, can take advantage of Express Destination’s consulting services.

Since not all business owners are experienced in handling the complex nature of order fulfillment, they can definitely benefit from expert advice to help make some of their biggest decisions, according to the company’s website. Consultants are available to assist business owners interested in growing and expanding their reach.

Express Destination’s consultants can also help business owners negotiate real estate purchases and leases. They can help clients redesign or set up their spaces, come up with floor plan layouts and workflow options that can help maximize office and operations space.

And consultants can also work with business clients to hammer out freight agreements, as well as help how to handle products that contain hazardous materials.

 “We offer consultants who will work with you and the manufacturer to ensure everything is being handled and stored properly,” Express Destination says on its website at “Safety is a top concern in our facilities so we want to not only protect customer assets but our employees as well.”