More details on forex trading calendar

A forex web service api primarily provides real data, analysts’ forecasts, and previous data related to any economic event. Some economic calendars provide revised data (if any) for an economic event. Nowadays, most calendars provide additional information to help you better understand economic data, their details are as follows:

  • DailyFX provides only a basic description of important indicators. The forex factory calendar API also provides a link to the discussion forum area where the relevant event is being discussed.
  • Dukoscopy provides only a basic description of key indicators, frequency of news release, data source name, alternate name/event significance, and historical chart with a maximum view period of two years.
  • Eco note provides a detailed overview of the Indicators, Historical Chart, Revised Data, Release Index, Last Published Data and Recently Published Data. There is also a quick link to “Why Investors Are Concerned,” which explains the importance of the indicator for the economy. This link provides additional details such as the frequency of the connection and the approximate time of publication, the original data source without the connection, the likelihood of revision, and finally the month of the data.
  • Forex Factory indicators of the detailed description, an official source page link, Historical Data / Chart, relevant news link, the economic data release date, data announcement tables changes in the alerts (star icon utilization) and the indicator (lead or lag) and Al Change the name of the character of the boots.

The X FXStreet Indicator provides links to the official source page, a history chart, a market impact chart (see the Additional Features section), a link to the user guide explaining the features of the market impact chart, and related news.

In general, the forex calendar is particularly based on the event calendar where the traders use to maintain the current with the upcoming financial data. The forex calendar mainly consists of some details for the past and future economic events of the various countries. It will mainly give some clues to the trader on the particular volatile expansions of the particular currency pairs in an extraordinary manner. Each and every currency is the major representative of the political, social stability and economic of the country. During this time, the changes in the country’s economic indicators may affect the currency values