Injured in a railroad accident? Consult an attorney!

Railroad accidents often have devastating consequences. If you were injured in such an accident that happened because of someone’s negligence, you can consider filing a personal injury lawsuit. However, railroad accidents are rarely simple. There are various parties involved, and it can be hard to establish fault. Should you hold the railroad company responsible for poor maintenance of the concerned railroad? Or was the train driver at fault for not giving a warning sign? What if there were lighting issues at the crossing? These are a few questions that only an experienced attorney can answer. Choosing between railroad lawyers and taking the case ahead may sound overwhelming. Here are some quick tips to consider. 

Steps to take after railroad accident

First things first, make sure that you get medical help. This may mean calling immediately for assistance. If you were in your car and have suffered injuries, you have to consider informing the insurance company, no matter the state laws related to car insurance. Unless you are knocked out, take photos and gather evidence from the accident site. If you decide to pursue a lawsuit, you need to have enough proof for the case. 

Meeting an attorney

Not all law firms take up railroad accident cases and lawsuits. In case of railroad accidents, it often means taking the fight against big conglomerates and railroad companies, and that may not be an easy road ahead. You need an attorney, who has handled railroad accident lawsuits in the past. Besides experience of the attorney, check if they have worked on cases that are comparable to yours. A law firm that has won big legal battles for clients is your best bet. The first meeting with an attorney is the most important one, because you get to ask questions. Ensure that the lawyer explains your options and gives an unbiased and transparent overview of the case. 

What’s the cost of hiring a railroad lawyer?

This depends on many factors, but most attorneys take up railroad lawsuits on a contingency basis. This means that you don’t have to pay the lawyer, until they win a settlement for you. The cost of hiring a railroad lawyer is usually between 25% and 40% of the final settlement, but do ask in advance. Your lawyer may advance costs related to the case for now, before you get your compensation.

Contact a railroad lawyer soon after your accident to get help!