I Got Sued For a Personal Injury Lawsuit – What Should I Not Do?

Getting involved in a lawsuit can be a stressful situation, especially if you are the one who got sued. Although you might be unclear for a while and not sure how to react, there are several things that you should avoid doing from the moment you hear that someone is suing you. Usually, any statement uttered or actions performed can be used against you. 

Although you should know that just because the other party has evidence, it does not guarantee that they will win the case. There are several things that a court may consider when it comes to a lawsuit, especially in accident-related cases. Therefore, if you are sued by someone else, you should contact Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys immediately to get legal help.

Things you should NOT do when you are sued for a personal injury lawsuit:

  • Engaging in unwanted activities

In some cases, you might forget that you are under investigation and start to perform activities that may become evidence for the case you are sued against. The investigation may also involve taking photographs and capturing videos of you in public places. Therefore, you are expected to stay low and ensure that you remain silent because you are frequently monitored by someone or the other in charge of the case. 

  • Going all about it on social media

Talking about the issue on social media is not a good choice since the other party’s attorney and insurance adjusters will be waiting for a chance to complicate the case and build a strong defense in their favor using your activity, including social media. Even if you have a private account, they can find a loophole to your current activity easily. Staying off social media is vital.

  • Signing irrelevant documents

Although you might be unclear about specific legal terms and conditions, you might be handed a random document by a legal officer to sign immediately. Ensure that you are not signing any documents without consulting your attorney because the document you were told to sign can be a defense strategy used by the other party’s attorney. Hence, having your attorney by your side is essential because he will tell you about what you should avoid in a lawsuit.

The above-listed points are a few things that any person who is sued in a lawsuit should generally keep in mind. If you are unclear about handling a lawsuit, contacting an experienced attorney is recommended.