How to get viewers on Twitch


It is often frustrating to see streamers getting a lot of viewers when you aren’t able to. People think the reasons behind this may be due to gender or physical attraction, skills, their stream set-up or the play being saturated and all. But the truth is that this is all due to marketing.

Content creators may create great content, but they don’t know how to market their work in most of the cases. They just expect Twitch to just deliver viewers to their stream. Some people also think that they are doing everything from their side to promote their streaming, but the reality says that they are using only a fraction of the entire tools available.

So here are a few things that you must do to get more Twitch viewers.

  1. They say, work on the simple things and the bigger things will fall in place by themselves. Leveraging the existing network is one such thing, which upon working on, proves out to be very effective. You can involve friends, family, and people you know. They may invest in your viewers’ increasing. People love to offer feedback, just find out how can your link help them and there you are!
  2. You can support other streamers and build a relationship. This way you can build a network with them also. You can meet viewers also for that reason. These streamers and you can partner and this could be a strategy to get more views. Moreover, you can co-stream with your fellow streamers, to build more audience as Twitch viewers.
  3. You can market yourself indirectly also like by adding links in your E-mail signature, and other social media platforms. This way you can also gather sponsors and Twitch viewers. You can also share your streaming content on Instagram and Twitter-like platforms to build a community who can redirect to your stream. You can use tools like Buffer and Met Edgar to schedule out your posts, to avoid constantly managing it.
  4. You can also exchange Instagram shout outs. You can give them shout outs as posts, tags, and in return, they will do the same for you too. It will be almost like mini-endorsement for each of your audience. You must create your Facebook pages which give you a higher chance of going viral. There are just so many people out there using Facebook. Such media platforms also give you a chance to go live, which becomes a plus point to improve your Twitch Viewers.
  5. Google+ is just the right tool for you. It is integrated with Gmail, YouTube and other such accounts that people use so frequently. Your content will be seen by active users. Another place where you can do this is LinkedIn, where potential sponsors, game developers, reporters, PR, recruiters, and industries crawl in. this can exponentially increase your Twitch viewers.

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