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Humanity has been cultivating flowers for hundreds of years. It is remarkable, considering that flowers don’t have any obvious benefits to us, except for being beautiful reminders of nature. We love flowers and use them as a way to convey emotions to our loved ones. Our flowers have been with us for thousands of years, helping to brighten our day and bring families together. Today, we still use them for the same purpose, and flowers are much more accessible now. You can visit a flower shop of your choice or easily find an online flower delivery service in Singapore that caters to your friends’ or family’s location.

Not everyone can talk to a florist personally. What if you have a loved one you want to greet on a special day, but visiting them is out of the question? Maybe they’re too far away, or you’re too busy during their event to present the flowers to them. Sometimes, you can’t wait until your next meeting to send flowers to a loved one. Flowers can easily wilt in days, and many flowers don’t travel well. Buying local is the best choice to consider.

Today, flower delivery services are one of the most romantic things that you can use for a faraway loved one. You can think of sending flowers to loved ones to remind them of you even when you’re not physically present. They make buying flowers much easier and more convenient, too. You can find the best flowers online, and even find fresher and wider varieties of flowers.

Flowers are a personal and emotional gift that you need to carefully consider. While you will see many online flower delivery shops based in Singapore, you should take your time to pick out the perfect bouquet for your recipient.

What to consider when buying flowers online

When you’ve decided on hiring a flower delivery service in Singapore for a loved one, you’re going to need to check out some extra factors in your purchase. Unlike buying from your local flower shop, you can’t just visit and personally pick the flowers you want in your bouquet. You have no way of knowing the exact state of your flowers when they arrive at your recipient’s doorstep. You should protect yourself from less-than-ideal delivery experiences by doing careful research on your choices.

Like all online purchases, you should consider multiple options before narrowing them down. Here are a few things that matter in flower deliveries.

1) What is the location of the warehouse or shop? Your flowers must have come from somewhere after you order them. That means the online shop will have a delivery radius (or allowed places where they can deliver to. This can ensure the freshness of your flowers and the timeliness of your delivery. Make sure that the flower shop delivers to your area. Next, compare the locations of each shop. You might be able to reduce the delivery charges, cut the time it takes to get the flowers, and have fresher bouquets in general if you choose closer ones. Sometimes, your florist might offer a pick-up option if that is more convenient for you.

2) How can they assure flower quality? You’ll usually find way more flowers at an online flower shop than at a physical store. However, you won’t be able to see how your flowers look or smell before you buy them. You’ll have to rely on other means to know if your flowers get to you in great shape. Before buying for the first time at any flower shop, check customer reviews of their flower products. Ask trusted people who have used flower delivery services what their recommendations are. You might be able to get a good insight into whether you’re buying from the best florist in Singapore. Many flower shops will also list their contact details so you can ask them directly about other details you need to know about your flowers.

3) What is their range of products? Flowers are so versatile, they’re used for many different occasions. You can find a range of flowers for almost every occasion. For example, you can get condolence flowers for the bereaved family of the recently deceased, or get happy mother’s or father’s day flowers for your parents. Check out their website to see if they have specific flowers for each event. Sometimes, they even send flower subscription boxes so you or your recipient can get fresh flower products each period.

4) Can they customise your orders? Your recipient will truly appreciate a customised order that they know is made just for them. Look for a flower shop that allows you a wide range of options when it comes to customisation. Some allow for more discreet deliveries, handwritten notes, and other cute additions that could add a special touch of love to your flowers. Look for a flower delivery service that can also mix and match the flowers that you need for your delivery.

5) Can you schedule or arrange your orders? The best thing about an online flower delivery is your request for other arrangements makes it more convenient. People who reside overseas or in other territories can now arrange flower deliveries for their loved ones in Singapore. Most online flower shops provide the option of paying for your deliveries through any means. You can easily finish a transaction with the push of a button.

While convenience is the main draw of online flower shops, online purchases still come with a certain amount of risk. Always do your research first.

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