How self-storages can help you small business

Running a small business can be difficult nowadays. There always seems to be new hurdles that pop up along the business journey. One of those hurdles is finding a suitable amount of space to run your business.

There are so many factors that need to be taken into account when setting your business into a new location. These factors include efficiency, space available and location. Trying to get these three to marry up can almost seem like an impossible task sometimes.  

Today we are looking at how the use of self-storage facilities can help us when it comes to setting up a new business. We will also be looking carefully at how they also help that business grow.

Improves The Office Space

With the option of business suitable storage facilities, this now enables businesses to be able to move into a more suitably sized location while still holding stock.

One of the most significant issues that can present itself to small businesses is the space required for stock holding. A little retail business, for example, could have excessive overheads from the cost of maintaining and operating a small warehouse.

Self-storage facilities are always going to be the cheaper option, and they will offer the same amount of flexibility that a warehouse does, in some cases, more. 

With the introduction of self-storage for businesses, this is enabling companies to expand without the requirement of a massive cash injection. 

All considered the availability of this solution is excellent; it can broaden the horizons of the business massively and also help improve the existing office space.

Increased Safety For Stock

The single most valuable thing to a business is its product. When we look at product storage, it is generally done in the office, or a rented warehouse. Both of these solutions could spell potential disaster for your company.

Warehouses and offices are generally not the most secure of environments, and if your stock is highly valuable, it’s only a matter of time before a criminal wants it.

Self-storage facilities, while not infallible, are in fact, very secure. Generally, these facilities are furnished with high-quality CCTV, security gates, fences and also on-site security teams from time to time. 

By storing your company assets in a self-storage facility, you are lowering the risk of your items being subject to theft. 

Improves The Productivity

Although this may seem like a bold claim, 30% of workers in the United Kingdom have, at some point suffered from sick building syndrome. SBS is brought on by cramped and dull environments and reduces staff productivity on a considerable level.

By using self-storage, you can remove clutter, store documents and free up some much-needed space in the office. When an office space is bright and more open, staff productivity always rises.

So, if you find yourself searching for storage units in the UK, those are just a few ways self-storage could help your small business.