Here is Coinipop’s 2020 Year in Review

2020 was a year, full of wildness and uncertainty for investors in digital assets in a way that prices remained unstable from steep lows to all-time highs. However, Coinipop did not suffer in that year as it had a steady course and kept to lead industry growth.

Below are some of the milestones of Coinipop in 2020:

Expanding throughout the world

The standards and criteria have been evolving continually in the financial ecosystem as many things related to money have changed. The method of transacting and interacting with money has been changed. There is more freedom in access to the financial system, so people keep entering the marketplace.

In response, Coinipop provides services that complete the needs of people around the world. The launch of branches in both Japan and Australia and serving 190 countries are just ample examples of Coinipop’s activities.

One of the best and exciting achievements for Coinipop could be a moment of obtaining a letter in the state of Wyoming. Also, the users can expect many important updates in the coming year as Coinipop is building the world’s first digital asset bank and they plan several projects to revolutionize the financial services industry.

Giving back

It is not Coinipop with which the development in the digital asset industry begins and ends. This is the bitter truth that the work of blockchain developers are not acknowledged and advertised. Also, the developers lack funding for their large projects.

But Coinipop has a mission to assist the blockchain developers through funding and previously, they have appreciated these developers awarding more than $ 500,000 in grants in 2020. It provided full-time employment for those who entered and collected experience in blockchain development. It will be a great increase in totals of funding for blockchain development as they plan to continue to invest in the work that drives new technologies.

Keeping pace

The market of cryptocurrencies has been dominating the world in such a fast way and dealing with it can be a full-time job for several people.

Coinipop is working hard to bring about a new Lightning Network team that helps developments. Not only developers, but customers also can bring the benefits of industry innovation in 2021.