Harassment in the workplace is a crime:

QUEEN’S- The Lawyers Workplace:

QUEEN, the Lawyer’s firm at Ricotta & Marks, P.C., is one of the trusted lawyer’s employment firms with over 35 years of working and managing experience. It assures its workers about protecting them from any kind of discrimination and harassment they face in the workplace. QUEEN Employee lawyer FIRM is founded in 1683, and the firm itself understands every problem of their employees and tries every possible way to resolve it and provide every legal action towards the problem like Sexual harassment attorney in QUEENS.  

At Ricotta & Marks, P.C., NEWYORK- if any employee faces any kind of harassment and reports a complaint to the authority then such cases result – such as the culprit getting fired, or getting demoted from their positions, or intimidated into dropping their claims to the firm itself. In Queen Lawyer’s firm- at Ricotta, all workers have given the equal and right opportunity to follow their career and get the assurance that the workplace is truly free of any harassments and discriminations, with the honors of employees who represent their race, religions, genders, nation-origins, and many more.

The Queen’s firm provides good care to its workers, clients, employees, and lawyers as well as doing every possible way to protect them from being discriminated against and being harassed in any way. The one who may get discriminated against because of their age or their pregnancy condition, the firm have a better way upon their employees that they shouldn’t get any kind of harassment because of their sexual orientation or their race and beliefs or because of their religion, the workers do not have to suffer for being indifferent or in getting any kind of burden from their employers in anyways, they don’t have to suffer from any kind of such problems to solve in silence because the sexual harassment attorney in QUEEN must not tolerate any kind of such actions here. 

Taking a stand against such kind of behavior can not only help the firm to grow from its root but can also be very much helpful to the employers to have a sincere and coordinated work with their co-workers who have incurred the same mistreatment.

The benefits that QUEEN’S Lawyer gets:

According to the New York, Human Rights department- if sexual harassment cases occurred at the workplace, the following circumstances should take place:

  • If the workers get harassed by any of the higher authority or co-workers at the workplace, then the employers should be found guilty whether they know it or not.
  • If the harassment is occurring on a regular basis then the employer must take strict action against it and if not then they must not be eligible to work for the firm.