Food Party On A Budget – How You Can Trim Down The Cost To Save More

Food platters and catering are your grand centrepiece for any event. Let’s be honest, food is where everyone’s at, most of the time when it comes to occasion. While we often celebrate and adore party celebrants, we can’t help but drool over at some mouthwatering treats that await us at the table! Whether you’re ordering a lunch platter or breakfast catering in Singapore, we should make them look and taste as good as possible!

However, parties can be quite expensive too. No matter how fun and exciting it is, it doesn’t come without a cost. Thus, securing your budget is a gold mine. It’s a mistake to wait for the eleventh hour. If you’re moving the goal post for your party to cut down the cost, track down your food expense.

Food Party On A Budget? Here’s What You Should Do!

As we’ve said, whether you’re going for a food platter or Halal food catering in Singapore, tracking the food cost will help. However, having a breakfast, lunch or dinner party at your home with a limited budget can compromise a few things down the road. If you intend to plan for an enjoyable food party at an epic proportion while maintaining a budget, here’s what you need to know:

You don’t need a high-end caterer

Your budget might sometimes be different than what others would assume when we speak about ‘budget’. For some, $65 per head would be a reasonably ‘affordable’ option. It could probably fall into affordable high-end or mid-range courses. If you’re thinking about seeking a budget-friendly catering experience, you can save more if you can stick with a mid-range dish to save you more.

At the end of the day, you don’t necessarily need to throw for elegant and sophisticated catering if you’re conducting the event at your home. You can even ditch the catering service and opt for a sharing platter delivery in Singapore that is good for party size. If you’ve hosted a party before, food can be one of the most expensive parts of the event. Thus, you don’t need to opt for high-cost, luxury catering to please your guests. Good food and decent service are more than enough!

Go for rice-based cuisine

Who doesn’t love rice meals? If you’ve been lusting after a nice bento meal, you’ll know how affordable they can be yet appetising. Going for a rice meal is heavy. A single or double rice serving is enough to make you full. On the other hand, the priciest items aren’t often as heavy as they are. It will likely leave your guests wanting more. Instead, opt for a rice-based cuisine to save more and add it for a dessert box delivery in Singapore.

Go for smaller plate sizes

It might sound odd at first. However, it does make sense if we look at the common behaviour of how guests are likely to maximise the plate space with food, regardless of its size. With this in mind, getting or renting smaller plates will have a subconscious impact that will avert them from taking excess. It helps reduce the tendency to waste more food and take too much of carefully limited and allotted dishes.

Consider a self-serve buffet

Instead of paying for catering services with service staff, you should consider going for a self-served buffet as an alternative. Even if you haven’t tried it out, you can find tips online that will help instead of paying for a dinner, lunch or breakfast catering service. You can observe how much expenses you can save, and it’s ideal if you want to have an affordable food party without paying for staff services.

How To Have A Successful Potluck Party


Potluck parties are informal at best. Yet one of the most intimate and fun communal gatherings you can give to your kids and loved ones. One would not need to worry about tablecloths, renting costly dinner or breakfast catering, and you can make it simple and lovely. Whether you’re throwing out a buffet with Halal food catering or food platter packs, here are some tips and ideas to make your event more successful and exciting!

Go for transportable meals

If the potluck will take place somewhere outside your home, the last thing you want to deal with is a sloshing soup dish that can be a recipe for a mess. It’s often advisable to stick with food or dishes that you can bring and travel easily without worrying about a messy platter! Thus, you should highly consider sticking with transportable meals. Unless you’re having a potluck inside your home.

Have a label for each food

Many often make the simple mistake of forgetting or deliberately not placing a label for each food. Whether you bought a food platter delivery or a self-cooked dish, you should still consider making an effort to label and add a recipe name for each. After all, you don’t want to leave your guests guessing what food they’re eating. Doing this helps your guests know which one to avoid due to allergy or intolerance.

Assign guests food

Assigning a guest’s categories of food is one of the most crucial aspects of hosting a potluck party. Whether you’re cooking a dish or opting for sharing platter delivery, you should consider sending a message to everyone invited and assign them what they can bring.

Have a batch of beverages

A potluck party will never be complete without exquisite cocktails! Your guests are likely to enjoy every meal with a cool sip of a beverage. Thus, having a batch of beverages or cocktails at a reserved table or spot makes it less of a hassle at your party.

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