Striving towards perfection by emphasizing on the needs of clients.

Family Law – A legal practice area concentrating on matters like family relationships, adoption, divorce, child custody. Drafting legal documents like court petitions, property agreements.

Practice Areas-

  1. Divorce – Litigious family issues to simple uncontested divorces are met here.
  2. Equalization – Ensure receiving your legal property. Calculations regarding the division of property are assessed.
  3. Separation – Advice on various aspects of family separations, negotiating on agreements of separation.
  4. Limited Scope Services – Coaching is provided for individuals to represent themselves. 
  5. Support to child and spouse –Supports entitlement, quantum, and calculations are done.

Cases handled –

  • Divorce – Ensuring to impart knowledge on the grounds of divorce in Ontario.
  • Support from a spouse – Claim for support after separation might be needed by married and unmarried couples.
  • Parenting time for children – The cases answer the questions like who takes major decisions for the child and who will live with the child.
  • Child support – Divorcing spouses are helped to formulate agreements that will protect the child’s best interests.
  • Division of Property – The assets acquired during the time the couples were together are dealt with in this process. 

Why us?

  • Mission – Ottawa Divorce Lawyer is dedicated to helping find the best solutions for families residing in Ottawa. Highly experienced attorneys in all areas who are willing to help one through the problems. 
  • Vision – Dealing with child custody agreements to divorce cases. Each and every case is taken up seriously, with an open mind and no judgments as we know each family is unique in its own way. 

Benefits for our clients

  • Services are personalized according to different needs 

It is never assumed by our team that all families are the same. Our approach helps to offer services that are customized in your situation.

  • Approaches are made in a friendly way to clients

Since family matters are highly sensitive and emotional, we approach you in a friendly way and deal with them in the most professional manner. We give the utmost understanding to make you feel protected.

  • Attention to details of each case is given

Every case is handled uniquely and minute details are also taken into consideration. Nothing you tell us will be considered useless as all evidence will help build the case.

  • Experienced Attorneys provide the best cases

Dealing with family matters requires years of experience. Clients need support from experienced attorneys to represent them. 

  • Personal needs are met

No judgments are made and personal requirements can be said freely and we ensure in meeting them.