Everything You Need To Know About Home Wallpapers

Styling the four walls of every room in your home is one of the most crucial stages of interior designing. It is one of the largest spaces you need to fill that can set the mood of your house. Although colouring the walls with paint has always been the top choice for Singaporean homeowners, adorning its surface with designer wallpaper has been a growing interior decorating trend that will not be fading for years to come.


Wallpapers for residential properties serve the same purpose as the wallpaper on your phone. It is a kind of a printed wall sticker decoration made out of paper or fabric. For ages, people use wallpapers to add style and mood to their dwellings.

Almost every wallpaper supplier in Singapore specifically makes wallpapers for either residential or commercial spaces. They cannot cater to both markets because the two establishment types require different standards.



The stunning designer wallpaper of modern Singaporean homes has been around for longer than you think. Since the Qin dynasty of 221 to 206 BC, the Chinese used wallpapers to decorate their homes. They stuck rice papers onto their walls before moving on to using linen fibres. They paint these materials with stunning sceneries that depict Chinese nature.

From the hand-painted wall sticker decoration of China, wallpapers evolved to large fragments of fabric block-printed with intricate patterns in Europe. These painted pieces of cloth are called tapestries, which the wealthy families of the West use to cover up their walls. Aside from their design purposes, wallpapers gained popularity because of their utility. They can significantly lower temperatures inside the house by absorbing heat emitted from the walls.


Choosing between a simple coloured paint and a wall sticker design for the living room, bedroom, or any part of the house is a common dilemma for many homeowners. For most interior designers, there is no better method in sprucing up your walls. Unknown to many individuals, painting and wallpapering takes the same amount of time and effort. Both options also offer environmentally friendly alternatives. It all comes down to the householder’s preference in rolling paints or adhering wallpapers on their space.



There are always advantages and disadvantages with different decorating options. While wallpaper services in Singapore can give your walls a seamless finish, wallpapers are bound to encounter issues through the years just like any other interior design method. To help you get to know more about this beloved flexible https://www.frekkles.co/, here are some of its pros and cons:


  • Available in a wide variety of colours, patterns, prints, and textures
  • Designs can be personalized according to your tastes
  • Much like paint, it can complement every style or theme
  • Lasts up to 10 years longer than paint
  • Covers holes, cracks, and other wall imperfections


  • Can ruin the look and feel of the room when chosen poorly
  • Requires a team of wallpaper experts for installation
  • Prone to moulds, mildew, and water damage
  • Priced higher than paints
  • Some wallpaper variations can leave unwanted residue on walls



The designer wallpaper you see in interior design magazines come in an assortment of material and finish. Some types have appealing textures, while others are better off as bases for other wallpapers. To help you work out what is best for your humble abode, here are some of the most popular wallpaper types:


Liner or lining paper, as its name suggests, is often used as a base for the delicate designer wallpaper. It works well in concealing uneven walls with bothersome defects. It can also act as a massive canvas for hand-painted design elements.


Non-woven wallpaper is a wall sticker decoration made from a mixture of natural and synthetic fibres. The same non-woven material can usually be found in tea bags, coffee filters, and gauzes. This kind of wallpaper is breathable and washable. It eliminates the threat of the formation of pesky moulds and mildew. It can also resist tears and can be removed in one whole piece.


Flock wallpapers are adorned for their soft, three-dimensional textures that add personality to a home. It was conceived during the 17th century to mimic cut velvet hangings. It is a wall sticker design perfect for a bedroom and other low traffic areas of your home. Despite its luxurious appearance and velvety texture, flock wallpapers are not washable and are ruthless during removal.


If you are looking for waterproof wallpaper for your bathroom, vinyl is the answer you are waiting for. It is made out of a tier of paper with printed vinyl laid above it. It is also an affordable alternative to ceramic tiles and is just as easy to clean. Vinyl is the most common material found in every wallpaper supplier in Singapore. It is loved for its durability and painless maintenance, ideal for damp bathrooms and steamy kitchens.


The ideal designer wallpaper is not just any peel-and-stick wall decor available in most eCommerce and discount stores. You have to create a checklist of characteristics that fits your choice of wallpaper like a glove. Consider its style, surface, and textile that can make or break your interior design.

You must also pick the highest quality wallpaper available to ensure that it will last for generations. You can ask for a sample from your wallpaper supplier in Singapore before making your final design decision. Hang it on your wall or scrutinize it up close to help you imagine how it will look once applied.

Evaluate the type of furniture and artwork pieces you have and think about their possible relationship with the wallpaper you chose. Find another wall sticker decoration if you think it will gather unnecessary attention and make your room look disorganized.

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