Everything that You Must be Aware about Car Batteries

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Car batteries are the source of power for your vehicle, and are considered as the heart of your automobile and also the soul of its many other mechanical parts.

It will power almost everything from the car’s fuel pump to the headlights.

Often there can be a chance when you suddenly find that you have a dead battery which may be due to many reasons and mostly manufacturing defects are rarely considered as one of the reasons.

Therefore, when you visit any battery stores next time, you must equip yourself with a little basic knowledge so that you are aware of how it works and how can you quickly get back to the road when it fails.

What does the car battery do?

1. Starts your car

As soon as you start your ignition, the battery will wake up.

It will allow you to turn on your:

  • Air vents
  • Interior lights
  • Dashboard lights.

You must be careful while doing this and should be done for the least amount of time otherwise most of the battery charge may run out soon.

2. Lights it up

All the interior lights, parking lights, headlights, and indicators will run from the power of the battery. Hence, you can be seen even while you are parked with your engine switched off.

3. Ignites engine

Your engines will not start automatically. They will need electricity obtained from your batteries to spark your spark plugs, light your fuel and make your car run.

Hence, you may often find that your engine is difficult to start during winter. During the cold season, your battery will reduce its conductivity.

Looking after your car battery

In order to get maximum efficiency and longevity of the car battery, you must do the following maintenance:

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  • Ensure that the connections in battery terminals are tight and without any debris
  • Maintain clean terminal connections to avoid a dirt/grease build-up
  • Prefer to coat the terminal connectors with certain petroleum jelly to avoid any corrosion
  • Avoid long periods to keep your car unused – even a short start of your engine can recharge your battery
  • Try to park your car in a certain garage during very cold weather
  • Regularly service the battery at least by checking your battery at sensible intervals

Battery warranty

When you will buy a new battery then the battery company will offer you a warranty of free service or replacement if your battery ever fails to perform.

However, under the following condition, your warranty may not be applicable.

  • If you misuse, install or maintain improperly, or do any modifications like removing the battery lid
  • Incorrect application
  • Battery is physically damaged, including broken/melted terminals
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Unserviceable due to improper charging
  • Failure because of overcharging, sulphation, deep cycling, and undercharging will not be covered
  • Voltage less than 10.5v when the battery is fully discharged

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As you have learned that the car battery is the heart of your car that powers up your engine and all other necessary parts of your car. It is very important to keep the battery well-maintained to get the best out of your battery and also enjoy the warranty benefits.