Different Types of Office Pods

Office pods are an amazing way for you to take your business out of the office and into a more convenient and flexible space. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, office pods can be very beneficial for your productivity, morale and overall success in the workplace.

There are many different types of pods available today that can accommodate your needs. Here are some examples:

Main Office Pod – This is typically the first type of pod that most people think of when they hear the word “office pod.” This pod can house up to 12 people and comes complete with desks, chairs, computers, printers and other supplies needed for daily operations.

Conference Room Pod – Conference rooms are often used by small businesses as meeting places for employees or clients alike. Conference room pods allow these meetings to take place in a more comfortable environment with more privacy than one might find in an open office setting.

Break Room Pod – The break room pod is similar in design to the main office pod but is usually smaller and doesn’t include as many amenities such as desks or chairs. Instead, it is designed more like a break room where employees can go during their breaks for snacks or simply relax for awhile away from their desks.

Standard Pods – These are the most common type of office pod and are available in varying sizes. They typically consist of a desk with a chair inside and can be used for either individual or shared use. Standard pods come in a range of styles which means that they can fit into any environment and suit any budget. They can also be customised with various add-ons such as storage units or desks with built-in monitors.

Versatile Pods – These are made from steel frames and offer more flexibility than standard pods as they can be used as offices, meeting rooms or training rooms depending on how they’re configured. Versatile pods can be arranged in any shape including straight lines or circles, so you can create an open plan layout if you want to encourage collaboration among staff members. They’re also available in both private and public versions, meaning that you can choose whether to share the space with other people or keep it private for yourself alone.

Personal Pods – A personal pod is one that can be used by individuals or teams. They are compact and designed to fit into a small space. They come with adjustable seating so you can create your own perfect office environment.

Team Pods – If you have more than one person working on a project together, then team pods are the way to go. These pods provide privacy but also allow you to work together as a team. They are perfect for meetings or brainstorming sessions where you will need to share ideas with other people in your group.

Executive Pods – Executive pods are larger than personal pods but still small enough that they don’t take up too much space in an office environment. They offer plenty of privacy while still being able to be part of the team atmosphere when needed. These pods are great for smaller offices where there isn’t enough room for everyone at once but needs may change from time to time.

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